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Experience SilentX

Shuttle XPC systems have always been famous for their quiet running. But now we've made our PCs even quieter with the new SilentX power supply.

SilentX originally debuted with the ST61G4, based on ATI's RADEON 9100 IGP chipset. The new power supply design is lighter than previous models yet increases the peak wattage to 250W in order to accommodate today's more demanding components. At the same time, we integrated two near-silent 40 mm fans into the power supply, one at each end to create a sort of pull-push airflow. Additionally, air vent design is newly optimized to prevent noise from air turbulence. The end result is a high-performance fan that outputs a mere 32 dB under a full system load. When running at a regular idle, the power supply is so quiet that you'll need to put your ear up to it in order to make sure that the fans are working!

SilentX power supplies are also updated to accommodate the latest device needs, such as dedicated 12V power and a SATA power connector for the latest hard drives. The design has proven so popular with existing XPC users that we've made the SilentX power supply available as a stand-alone upgrade for over a dozen models dating all the way back to the SS40G.

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