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The Front

The plethora of ports found on the Shuttle XPC System begin right on the front panel. Starting from left to right the ports are as follows:

Microphone Input:

You can record audio straight away using the CD quality analog micrphone input. OK, we'll admit that the latency is not as lightning fast as a professional audio card, but you don't have to buy a piece of hardware to record an audio signal.

Headphone Output:

You can monitor audio material from hard drive or CD/DVD by simply plugging into the front of the Shuttle XPC System. Once again out of the box we make it easy to work with audio, regardless of your situation.


1394 IEEE Ports:

The 1394 [firewire] ports are perfect for the new audio devices that will connect to the computer this way. We have tested many audio interfaces and found the performance of these ports incredible. They offer plug and play connectivity and hassle-free operation. You can also connect hard disk and optical storage devices, like DVD burners, for flexible expansion options.

Two USB 2.0 Ports:

Capable of a blistering transfer rate of 480MBPS, these ports allow for the connection of high performance storage devices and high definition audio devices. We have tested audio hard drives connected to these USB 2.0 ports and we can report that they are fast enough for large audio production with scores of audio tracks. The next major wave of USB 2.0 products will be high-definition [24/96/192] audio interfaces that connect to the computer solely through USB 2.0. We can't say enough about the tremendous power available to the audio professionals via USB 2.0.

SPDIF Output:

With this port you can stream 16-bit audio from the hard drive to a digital recorder [DAT, Audio card, other Shuttle XPC System] at up to 48KHz. The Shuttle XPC System is the first audio computer with a built in digital output as standard equipment.

The Back

The back of the Shuttle XPC System has a SPDIF input, 2 more USB 2.0 ports, 2 more 1394 ports, 6 channel analog output for surround/home theatre applications.

LAN / Ethernet:

When you want to connect to the internet or to a local area network, the 100 BaseT enthernet port on the back of the Shuttle XPC System is just the ticket. There is no better way to back manage data than through networking. Once again, not extra cards needed, it's built in.

COM Ports:

We realize that there are other things you want to do with your Shuttle XPC System besides music. To sync your handheld device simply connect it to the COM port and transfer your schedule or address book.

VGA Connector:

This built in VGA connector ensures that you can work with your Shuttle XPC System out of the box. Because we use the main RAM for VGA graphics, you can fill just about any large screen with beautiful color and depth.

PS/2 Mouse and Keyboard:

We were not content to force you to use your USB bandwidth for mouse and keyboard input data. We believe that the best protocol for connecting a keyboard and mouse to an audio computer is via a PS/2 keyboard and mouse.

6 Channel Audio Output:

The XPC comes with audio capabilities that are not usually found on personal computers. The state-of-the-art 6 Channel Audio Output for connecting to 5.1 surround-sound speaker systems.

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