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Inside the Shuttle XPC System there is space for one 5.25" device and at least one 3.5" device. These are housed in a detachable chassis which makes installing and removing storage devices a breeze. So in terms of internal expansion the machine is already filled with devices right out of the box.


For those who want access to the world of high performance 3D graphics, the Shuttle XPC System includes an PCI-Express or AGP expansion slot for high end video cards. If you are working with digital video, nothing can be more important than this.


The inclusion of a PCI slot means instant expandability using hundreds of existing cards, for example: TV tuner cards. Simple innovation like a rubber button on the chassis, ensure that your PCI card doesn't touch the power suppy and create a short. The Shuttle XPC System is small and will house virtually all 7" PCI cards. More and more XPCs will also feature a PCI-Express 1X slot instead of PCI.


The many ports on the outside of the Shuttle XPC System mean almost limitless expansion capability for adding hard drives and audio interfaces.
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