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RAM [Random Access Memory] is critical to the smooth and efficient operation of any computer. The Shuttle XPC System uses top performance DDR RAM to ensure that this cornerstone of your computing experience leaves you with nothing to worry about.

Top Tier? What is that?

All RAM chips are not created equal. Very few companies actually make memory chips but several hundred sell memory modules [DRAM chips attached to a circuit board]. The top tier suppliers manufacture the entire module and place the DRAM chips under a severe battery of tests that include extremities in temperature. Chips are graded based on their performance. The ones that come in top-of-class go into memory modules from top-tier suppliers.

What happens to the ones that marginally fail? They are often thrown out, but some are re-tested and graded for lower speeds. Sometimes they are sold to third party vendors who re-brand the memory with their own names. This "generic memory" will save you a few dollars and likely work today when installed in your computer, but it is prone to failure over the long term because of fundamental flaws that existed from the beginning.

Rocket Fast DDR RAM

DDR RAM is like SDRAM, but in can transfer two data words within one clock cycle. Thus, it is often mentioned 400MHz frequency, even if the clock frequency is only 200MHz. Multipliing 400MHz with the width of the data bus (8 bytes) equals the maximum data transfer rate of 3,2 GB/s. Therefore, a module with DDR400 chips is also called PC3200 (compared to: DDR333/PC2700, DDR266/PC2100).

As Shuttle's product development is constantly influenced by the latest standards of technology, some of the newer Shuttle XPC models already support DDR2-modules that are designed for higher frequencies thanks to lower operating voltage and improved signal quality.

When you combine top-tier DDR RAM with the well-engineered Shuttle XPC, the result is very fast, very reliable operation.

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