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Shuttle at Work

Where are you using your Shuttle product? Have a say!
You have set up an interesting solution with Shuttle products? The result fills a gap in the market and you would like to share it with us? You are just using a Shuttle XPC a bit out of the ordinary and want Shuttle to talk about your company and your solution resp. the product in an interesting story? Feel free to let us know and send an email to redaktion@shuttle.eu to introduce your project to us in just a few words, and we will get in touch with you.

Shuttle goes to school

Multimedia has entered nearly every home by now, but still cannot be found in many German classrooms. Humming cassette recorders, old video tapes and even older televisions are the only poor technical equipment still found at many schools in Germany.

Sleep better - with Shuttle XPCs

Everything is quiet. Outside there’s nothing but darkness and silence. No glaring lights, no buzzing machines. In other words, perfect conditions for sleep. So what do you do when you can’t? Presently one in ten adults in Germany suffers from insomnia, and the Sleep Laboratory in Schleswig (in North Germany) is taking a high-tech approach into finding out why.

Do it one more time Benny!

The DCMM (German Case Modding Championship) winner in 2004 and 2005 may have only achieved fifth place last year, but he’s determined to win back his crown. Armed with both a totally new concept, and a brand new Shuttle XPC Barebone, Benjamin Franz aka Benny, is confident of victory. Hours and hours of work and a mountain of scrap metal later, the result is phenomenal and worthy of the title.

Is that everything?

Every now and again new processors appear on the market that make everything that existed before them seem slow in comparison. This type of contest between individual CPUs must leave the scientists of the Theoretical Astrophysics Group (T-6) smiling to themselves. While computing power in the desktop segment is still expressed in terms of Gigaflops, they are already counting in Teraflops.

Shuttle XPCs shine in "Glassy Labs"

PC Professionell and their "Glassy Labs" are represented at all important IT trade fairs. From "CeBIT" in Hannover, "Systems" in Munich and "IFA" in Berlin to even "Computex" in Taiwan interested visitors can get an idea of the extensive hardware tests of the German IT-Magazine. Since the PC equipment of the "Glassy Labs" needs to be easy to transport, PC Professionell opted for compact SFF barebones from Shuttle.

The collector with a special passion

Markus Schneider is a fan of collections. But it’s not the conventional items such as stamps, rare coins or autographs he seeks for: He is a collector of Shuttle XPCs in extraordinary designs!

Go for new records!

Gaming records are nothing special anymore for Marco Grimm. Nevertheless, older records make him play for more, since he began his hunt for records in the year 2000. Marco Grimm is the manager of the innovaLAN Entertainment GmbH that is resident near Hamburg and organises LAN-parties. Computer fans from across northern Germany come together to compete either in single matches or in teams in different kinds of computer games.

Photos from the most beautiful places in the world

Millions of customers in Germany and Europe use to debate on the latest Tchibo catalogue every week. It’s appears weekly and offers by far more than just coffee, since it provides the readers with the highlights of the week that are spoken about. Frank Gerlinger just smiles to himself, since he knows every single offer weeks in advance. His company "CromaBase" handles the photos that are submitted for the catalogue from all across the world.

Shuttle XPC manages 2nd rank

Oliver König smiles brightly. No wonder that he just came second in the category „Most spectacular PC“ at the German Casemodding Championships („Deutsche Casemodding Meisterschaften“) with a Shuttle XPC. But why do case modders like him bank on Shuttle XPCs?

Power lies in silence

Concentrated studying is not possible in a noisy environment. This applies especially for Bremen, Bremen Lehe to be exact. This is where the Public and University Library of Bremen (Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Bremen / SuUB) is resident. It provides literature and information for the University of Bremen (Universität Bremen) and any of Bremen’s colleges and academies (Bremer Hochschulen) including the college of Bremerhaven (Hochschule Bremerhaven). As it is required in any libraries: silence is the key for effective studying.

Shuttle XPCs out at sea

The helicopter slowly approaches. 15 men jump off, wearing diving suits and life jackets. Working on an oil rig, their job is a tough one on the high seas. You can smell the scent of the black gold in the air and as the night falls, see fires blazing on other oil rigs lightening the sky like torches in the dark. But what’s all this got to do with Shuttle XPCs? Find out here...
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The K-Series is Shuttle’s most cost-effective Mini-PC model range. The K-Series is ideal for the office and simple daily routine applications.
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