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Shuttle XPC - the best things come in small packages
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A cube to fall in love with

A pure aluminium eye-catcher that will allow you to work to the highest standards, aided by Shuttle's know-how. Stylishly finished with matt brushed surfaces, and equipped with a love of detail, such as its solid aluminium buttons, authentic LEDs and solid mounts made of stainless steel. Beige plastic just seems old, don't you think?

Small, but can do it all

It maybe small on the outside, but inside Shuttle XPCs are the latest and fastest components. Like, for instance, the highest performance AMD and INTEL processors, Dual Channel DDR or DDR2 memory, and high-end graphics cards (AGP or PCI-Express). More than enough power, then, for running demanding applications such as 3D games, media design and multi-tasking.
Small, but can do it all

There's always space for it

The Shuttle XPC's compact dimension means it is able to fit into the smallest of spaces. It's a shame though to have to hide it away, so you can put it on your desk. Or in the living room. Somewhere everyone can see what good taste you have.
There's always space for it There's always space for it

The PC that can do more

The Shuttle XPC isn't limited to typical office tasks. Thanks to its high-performance processors and graphic cards, it is also a diverse single unit that comfortably replaces other devices such as a DVD-player, video recorder, games console, and music system. Instead of multiple machines, you only need one Shuttle XPC. (Or the Shuttle Media Centre, the perfect addition to your multimedia set-up.)

You won't want to let it out of your sight

The aluminium casing of the Shuttle XPC is so light, that you'll have no problems carrying it around. You can meet up with friends for multiple-player gaming or organise your own gaming tournaments. The optional carry case or a rucksack means that you can easily take your Shuttle XPC to school or work or even on your summer holiday.
You won't want to let it out of your sight

Are you ready for something small?

Shuttle products aren't sold everywhere, only by specially selected retailers. The easiest way to your Shuttle is in our configurator. There you can choose what your new computer will be equipped with and then conveniently pick it up from one of our trading partners located close to where you are.
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The K-Series is Shuttle’s most cost-effective Mini-PC model range. The K-Series is ideal for the office and simple daily routine applications.
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