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Shuttle’s Mini-PC solutions are so varied that we have sub-divided them into three ranges for easier orientation. Choose from the perfectly harmonised solutions from the Basic, Home-Media and Performance ranges. And you will find the exact product that is tailor-made for your requirements and needs.


Go for simple applications in your business and home environments and choose Shuttle Mini-PCs from the Basic range. Whether it's for Office programmes or the internet in all its diversity, the compact and extremely attractive Mini-PCs always offer reliable computer processing power. How smart: Less is more.


Select Shuttle Mini-PCs from the Home-Media range for applications to run within your own four walls. The multimedia talents offer all sorts of entertainment for the whole family. Expand your possibilities: Multimedia and more on the desk or breathtaking home cinema on a flat-screen television. Welcome to your new family member!


These Mini-PCs are ready for action wherever maximum performance is required: a minimum footprint with maximum speed opening up a spectrum full of new opportunities for demanding users. A lot of memory, the most up-to-date processors and high-speed graphics cards are perfectly combined in this high-grade aluminium cuboid.
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Newest Products

The latest products released by Shuttle are listed on this page.
The K-Series is Shuttle’s most cost-effective Mini-PC model range. The K-Series is ideal for the office and simple daily routine applications.