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XPC CosmetiX Design-Kit no. 1 for SS40G, SK41G, SS51G, SB51G

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Cosmetix Software CD
with special background paper (pre-cut)
to create individual
XPC-Front panel designs easily.

With the help XPC cosmetiX software for image editing, the front design of XPCs can be individualized easily.
Remove the existing acrylic panel and replace it by the transparent one of the delivery content and
add the printed background paper. So, a personal photo or an image of landscape appears on the front panel
of your very own XPC.

  • Applicable to the following XPCs of the G-series: SS40G, SK41G, SS51G, SB51G
  • Photos or graphics are loaded directly into the cosmetiX software
  • Unwanted features of a photo are easily cut out by One-Click
  • Supports colorful text effects, even rotation and many more image effects
  • Easy print out with attached special background paper
  • Pre-cut gaps for CD-/floppy drive, connectors etc.

Shuttle Order Number: PCZ-PF200

Delivery Content:
The cosmetiX-kit includes:

  • CDROM with CosmetiX Editing Software and manual
  • Transparent, clean front panel (no imprints or stripes)
  • 5 sheets of pre-cut background paper

Examples of design made with cosmetiX PF20 and colored case cover PF12:


XPC cosmetiX Glossy-Paper (PF21)


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