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Colorful Case Cover (PF12)



"Colorful Cover"
With this aluminum case-cover you can choose at your own request of  XPC-design. The lacquer is high-quality carlack . Together with the
case cover changeable kit are lots of combination possible.

PF12 is applicable to the following XPC-models: SS40G, SS51G, SS56G, SB51G, SB52G2SB61G2, SB62G2, SB65G2, SB75G2, ST61G4, SK41G, SK43G, SN41G2, SN41G2V2, SN45G, SN85G4.

Color Shuttle Order No.:
Alu nature PCZ-PF12A
Red PCZ-PF121
Blue PCZ-PF122
Green PCZ-PF123
Yellow PCZ-PF124
Gold PCZ-PF125 (no more available)
White PCZ-PF126 (no more available)
Black PCZ-PF127
Pink PCZ-PF128

Color Case Cover PF12 in combination with CosmetiX-Kit:


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