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Mirror Phase PF61 for SB61G2, SB65G2, SB75G2



  • Mirrored XPC front panel (Main body panel holder color selection - Silver or Black)
  • Changeable panel to fit your personal style and classical outlook. 
  • Upgrade-kit for the cool looks of the 20-Years-XPC-Edition RefleXion
  • Applicable for the following XPCs with G2-Case: SB61G2, SB65G2, SB75G2, SN41G2V2
  • Smooth, polished texture mirror front panel
  • Changeable panel to fit your personal style and classical outlook
  • High tech. Production for environmental friendly. Innovations nanometer Technology.
Version Color Shuttle Order Number
black PCZ-PF610
silver PCZ-PF611

Main Body panel: 
182.8 mm (Length) x 170.9 mm(Width) 
5 1/4 panel: 146.16 mm (Length) x 39.46 mm (Width) 
3 1/2 panel: 98.36 mm (Length) x 22.46 mm (Width)

Package and Content:

How it looks:


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