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TV/DVI adaptor card
The SiS TV/DVI-Out card CV20 transforms your XPC into your personalize TV station. It supports dual-display features. TV and display independent resolutions, color depths and frame rates different from the primary VGA chip. It receives digital video signals and control signals from the primary VGA chip then transforms them into composite, S or component video output for TV display, TMDS TM signals for LCD display and analog RGB signals for secondary CRT display.



La scheda CV21 AGP per sistemi con chipset 845G trasformerá il vostro Shuttle XPC in una centrale multimedia perfettamente combinabile con il "home Theatre". Il chipset CH7009 è capace di ricevere una segnale grafica digitale che sarà distribuita al DVI (o anche DFP) oppure all' output del televisore (apparecchio analogo, S-video, o RGB)



Combo parallel and USB port expansion kit
PC15 is an expansion bracket which allows you to add an USB and a Parallel port to your XPC's back panel.



SPDIF Extension Kit - Digital Audio Upgrade
The Shuttle XPC Accessory PC17 is an expansion kit to add an optical SPDIF input and output connector to your Shuttle XPC (also known as TOSlink or Fiber SPDIF). SPDIF is used on PC audio cards, amplifiers, CD players, DVD players, car audio systems, and other audio devices which transmit or receive digital audio. The Shuttle XPC Accessory PC17 can be simply installed within few minutes on compatible Shuttle XPCs.


25-in-1 Card Reader USB2.0

Shuttle XPC Accessory PC23 is an internal USB 2.0 memory card reader/writer, which supports all popular and important digital formats, that are widely used on many popular applications, such as digital camera, video camcorder, PDA, IA devices, etc. Shuttle PC23 is easy to install (Plug & Play) in an open 3.5" bay of your Shuttle XPC and you will have the fastest, easiest way to transfer images, music, and data to your computer or to other memory cards. Plus, you’ll extend your digital camera’s battery life when you transfer your files from this card reader, and it is faster. With 2 changeable color panels in silver and black color the Shuttle PC23 is the perfect choice for your Shuttle XPC.



SilentX Alimentatore 250W
Il PC40 è un mini-alimentatore molto silenzioso di 250W per i Shuttle XPC . Buon rendimento, efficacia, più una ottima ventilazione asistita, il modello SilentX raffredda meglio che altri nella stessa categoria. Inoltre, il casse d'alluminio favorisce l'emisione di calore all'estero.



PC50 - Alimentatore SilentX 300W
Il PC50 fornisce l'energia necessaria per soddisfare la domanda di schede grafiche che hanno bisogno di una grande capacità di memoria. Ottima soluzione per utenti che vogliono riarmare il loro PC senza dover rinunciare alla stabilità, a un basso livello di rumore, o alla trasportabilità del loro Shuttle.



SilentX 450W Power Supply Unit
The Shuttle XPC Accessory PC55 provides the additional power for compatible Shuttle XPCs needed to satisfy the demands of high power graphics cards and large capacity storage devices. It is the optimal solution for power users wanting to upgrade without compromising the stability, low-noise, and portability of the XPC.


Silent 300W Power Supply Unit with 80PLUS logo

The PC60 provides the additional power needed to satisfy the demands of high power graphics cards and large capacity storage devices. The 80PLUS logo identifies PC60 as a modern product with at least 80% energy-efficiency whereas other power supplies range from 65-75% efficiency. It is the optimal solution for power users wanting to upgrade without compromising the efficiency, stability, low-noise, and portability of the XPC.


200W Fanless Power Supply

The Shuttle XPC Accessory PC62 is a replacement for the original power supply compatible with a large range of Shuttle XPCs. It consists of an external AC-DC-adapter and an internal DC-DC-adapter, both parts built in 100% silent fanless design. It provides a maximum output wattage of 200W and is the ideal solution for any application in noise-sensitive settings like media centre PC in living rooms, office PCs and more.


500W Power Supply Upgrade Kit for Shuttle XPCs - Turn your XPC into a high-performance system

The Shuttle XPC Accessory PC63 is a new high-end power supply with a maximum output wattage of 500W suitable for XPCs with H7 case. With a low noise level of only 30dB, it is ideal for use in any noise-sensitive environments such as a library and offices. Thanks to its 80 PLUS Bronze certification for power-efficient devices, this power supply is also suitable for ENERGY STAR® compliant systems. Benefit from less power consumption and less energy costs using PC63.


Dual Serial Port Adapter

The Shuttle XPC Accessory PC7 is a COM port adapter which provides two Serial ports to the back panel of the PC. Its slot bracket will occupy either one PCI or PCI-Express expansion slot, respectively, and connects your external peripheral devices to the RS-232 interfaces on the mainboard. It is compatible with the Shuttle XPC Barebone SA76G2 and is delivered as bulkware.



Adattatote parallelo
Lo PC8 è un adattatore speciale per interfaccie parallele del vostro Shuttle XPC es un adaptador especial para las interfaces paralelas de su Shuttle XPC, ideale per connettere una stampante.



Kit duale USB 2.0
Con questo adapter voi potete ampliare la capacità connetiva nel pannello posteriore del vostro Shuttle, con 2 nuovi porti USB.



Unidad esterna
In alluminio, leggera e resistente, protegge l'unità del disco e i file registrati. Il design e semplicemente sorprendente,e l a capacità di memoria offre una ottima soluzione alla crescente accumulazione di dati. È anche completamente compatibile con le unità ottiche 5,25", e con quelle di dischi duri 3,5" IDE. Altra prestazione è il output del sistema di audio stereo nella parte posteriore; Cosí tutto diventa più facile. SI collega l'audio, e dopo si gode con le bontà di multimedia.. Questo accessorio PE20 è stato sviluppato specialmente per i Shuttle XPC's e rappresenta un'icona in riferimento al design, stile e qualità. Disponibile in nero e argentato.



Frontpanel upgrade kit with VFD Media Display
Get the most complete Windows Media Center experience for the home. The Shuttle XPC Accessory PF27 is a replacement for the standard front panel of compatible G2/G5-series Shuttle XPCs. It features a stylish black mirrored G5 front design with chrome buttons and stealthed drive bays and media connectors. The highlight is the integrated Media Display which is fully compatible with Microsoft's Media Center Edition and can be used as secondary display showing system status information right on the front of your Shuttle XPC without obstructing the main screen. Customize your XPC!



54 MBit modulo WLAN
Lo PN18 è un modulo Wireless LAN creato per la trasferimento multi data 802.11g IEEE a 54 Mbit/s. È veramente compatto e si può incorporare facilmente al vostro Shuttle XPC. La sua antenna lavora in tutte le direzioni possibili (360') e fa anche possibile una connessione sicura tra punti distanti.

Compatibile con quasi tutti i modelli XPC Shuttle: G, G2, G4, G5, K, L, P e i.



54 MBit WLAN Module
The Shuttle XPC Accessory PN18G is a Wireless LAN module according to 802.11g standard and supports multi-data transfer rate up to 54 MBit/s. It is small and compact, easy to install on all XPCs with P2, P, i, K, L, G, G2, G4 and G5 chassis. It features a 360 degree of all direction antenna for Long range communication networking


Wireless LAN Module

The Shuttle XPC Accessory PN20 is a 802.11b/g Wireless Kit, aims to let your XPC quickly and seamlessly communicate with a 802.11b/g (at up to 54 Mbps) networks. Wireless networking uses radio frequencies to transmit and receive data between your XPC’s and other network devices. With this Wireless Kit, surfing on the Internet couldn’t be any easier. Simply install the USB connector to the reserve header on mainboard, launch the attached software to configure the module, and you will be ready to experience a WLAN (wireless local area network) that can be accessed anywhere.



PS10 Expansion Kit for PS/2 Connectors
The Shuttle XPC Accessory PS10 is an expansion kit to add PS/2 connectors for keyboard and mouse. It can be easily installed within a few minutes on compatible Shuttle XPCs. While the traditional PS/2 ports have been replaced by two additional USB 2.0 connectors at the back panel of some of the latest Shuttle XPCs, users can still use PS/2 devices with this accessory item.


19” Wide LCD Monitor - Xtreme Your Vision

Experience the optimized and colorful image with Shuttle XP19 immediately! XP19 offers well-defined images with its stylish and elegant appearance. Featuring 24Slim™ body for the space saving and the slim frame border to maximize the vision. Especially the 5ms fast response time delivers outstanding image quality definitely gets you to the true-to-life entertainment.

The conveniently integrated speaker provides incredible audio experience and the friendly on screen display lets the users individualize the visual preferences while enjoying the stunning XP19.

XP19 is definitely ideal companion for various applications to extreme your vision and life. Never miss XP19 if you want to look good with a good look monitor.


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