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Shuttle XPCs out at sea

Shuttle XPCs out at sea

The helicopter slowly approaches. 15 men jump off, wearing diving suits and life jackets. Working on an oil rig, their job is a tough one on the high seas. You can smell the scent of the black gold in the air and as the night falls, see fires blazing on other oil rigs lightening the sky like torches in the dark. But what’s all this got to do with Shuttle XPCs? Find out here...

Finding new sources of oil is increasingly harder. The Fugro Group specializes in mobile oil rigs, with four ships cruising around a leading ship while looking for the ideal position to drill and constantly transferring data via Wireless LAN to the leading ship. While it is a matter of money on the one side, the goal is also to minimize possible damage to the environment. Every step needs to be carefully coordinated given that a minute of work represents thousands of Euros in costs. Which is why the latest, most portable and most reliable technology is required for such challenging tasks. A challenge that can be handled with aplomb by a Shuttle XPC, as the employees of the Fugro Group know well, having been fitted with Shuttle XPCs by the Dutch company Elite Automatisering BV.

No surprise then that their choice was Shuttle XPCs. These are small, light and fit perfectly in the small amount of space available on a ship, in addition to being loaded with performance. "They needed ultra-mobile PCs that are small. The PCs are transported by airplane to the location. Smaller PCs - cheaper transport. Small is the keyword when speaking of PCs onboard a ship", said Menno Ruijzendaal, Elite Automatisering BV. There is less space that can be used, making Shuttle the perfect solution for this. And they are quiet. No fan noise. They are small but powerful. The PCs offer great possibilities regarding components. The Shuttles are equipped with large quantities of RAM, DVD-RW, large HDDs, high-end CPUs and the newest graphic cards. Shuttle XPCs are the perfect solution for this and they help to keep our world moving."

Fugro Survey,

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