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Finalmente uno che sa fare tutto. Spiccatamente bello a vedersi, si infila dappertutto e sa fare ogni cosa in modo convincente: la ricerca della soluzione ottimale per la vostra casa è giunta al termine. La linea di modelli Shuttle Home-Media propone speciali caratteristiche tecniche e un'ampia gamma di funzionalità riunite in uno spazio ridotto. L'ideale per foto e video digitali, Internet e e-mail, Office e per giocare di tanto in tanto. Portate il cinema nel vostro soggiorno con un'elevata qualità audio e video. Per stupire i vostri vicini.

mini X 200M (configurable)

Ultra-compact media centre solution
Barely 55mm tall with a surface comparable to an A4 sheet of paper the Shuttle XPC mini X 200M finds a home where even devices with the size of a DVD player are inappropriate. Microsoft Media Center software and the included remote control makes accessing and exploring multimedia content as easy as possible. The DVI interface connects modern plasma TVs and TFT displays. Even HDMI connections are possible via an optional adapter to deliver crisp and crystal clear images for the ultimate multimedia experience. The built-in card reader reads and transfers digital photographs to the hard disk. The fusion of powerful Intel processors, fast DDR2 memory and large hard disks offer huge potential for future applications.

Media Center M 2000MC

Multimedia in Hi-Fi Format with Viiv Technology
Shuttle shows itself to be ahead of the crowd when it comes to integrating multimedia component in a single living room unit which is compliant with Intel's new Viiv Specification. Forget the old VHS, CD and DVD player, or radio and TV receivers. The Shuttle Media Center M 2000MC packs Dual Core Processor, Dual TV tuners, DVD drive, and 8-in-1 card reader and stands ready to deliver pure multimedia bliss. Experience TV, video, pictures, music and more - all from one device.

H7 7800H (configurable)

The Shuttle XPC H7 7800H complete mini PC system is wrapped in the brand-new, discreet H7 case design and is technically well-equipped for demanding home-media applications. The powerful, integrated graphics with a HDMI output makes fluent video playback on full-HD displays a reality. Dolby® Digital Live and DTS™ Connect are provided for an exceptional audio experience. AMD's latest Phenom™ processors and PCI-Express graphics cards mean an advanced level of performance.

G5 6801M (configurable)

The computer power required to play back high-definition films is not supplied on every commercially available PC. The choice of the components used and the configuration are crucial here. Shuttle’s attractive Mini-PC Complete System, XPC G5 6801M, effortlessly plays back films in Blu-ray media and also on HD DVD. The secret is a fast AMD Dual-Core Processor and high-performance ATI HD graphics card with accelerating functions. This ideal tuning, together with a TV-card, IR remote control, large hard disk and display in the front panel, presents the optimum solution for your modern flat screen televisions.

G5 6800M (configurable)

Modern Business Platform with AMD AM2 Processors
Super good looks and superbly innovative technically - the Shuttle XPC G2 6800B is guaranteed to enrich any office. Just as any good team should, the NVIDIA GeForce 7025 / nForce 630a chipset combines with the AMD AM2 processor brilliantly; and this fully configured system is also adaptable, and so can be set up to best suit your individual requirements. Expect reliable, powerful performance without constraints and an expandable range of functions. Whichever way you look at it, an outstanding choice of platform on which to build a business PC.

G5 3300M (configurable)

The new generation of media centre PCs
The Shuttle XPC G5 3300M co-operates harmonically with HD-ready screens. No worries about cable tangle anymore: pictures and sounds are transmitted in brilliant quality together with just a single HDMI cable. Multi-core processors, like the Intel Core 2 Duo and Intel Core 2 Quad guarantee high speed and lowest power consumption. Up to 4 GB of memory together with a quick SATA2 hard-drive complete the ideal of a powerful media centre. The Shuttle XPC G5 3300M can be controlled comfortably from the sofa thanks to the enclosed remote control. Smart feature: the front-display anytime provides various important information.

G5 3300H (configurable)

Shuttle's first XPC with HDMI output
The Shuttle XPC G5 3300H is equipped with Intel GMA 3100 GPU and HDMI output which easily connects it to most recent TVs and flat screens. To play HD content, it supports HDCP digital rights management technology. Being designed to run multiple applications at once, the Shuttle XPC G5 3300H is home to blazingly fast Intel Core 2 Duo/Quad processors and manages up to 4 GB of DDR2-800 RAM. Built-in Dolby Digital Live and DTS connect make it the ideal platform for thrilling 3D games and watching exciting films.

G5 3101M (configurable)

Compact Media Centre designed for the playback of high-resolution Blu-ray media
The smooth playback of Blu-ray films, with their crystal clear images and sound, isn't a job for lightweights. So, the fully configured Shuttle XPC G5 3101M features Intel's Dual Core CPU technology and a ATI Radeon HD3450 graphics card which supports hardware acceleration during blu-ray playback. It is also loaded with a TV-tuner of your choice, a massive hard disk for recording your favourite shows, a remote control, and an informative front display. Finally, the Windows Vista's media centre software is child's play to operate. Enjoy for yourself high-definition cinema from Blu-ray media with the Shuttle XPC G5 3101M.

G5 3100HB

Pure design for the home environment
Whether the preference is gaming, internet applications or multimedia - the Shuttle XPC G5 3100HB is the ideal allrounder. While incorporating a number of the latest and best PC technologies, it is built around the elegant black G5 case design with a brushed aluminium front. Gigabit ethernet, 7.1 channel sound are included and the PCI-E x16 slot is ready to take performance 3D graphics cards. In combination with a powerful Intel Core 2 Quad/Duo processor it manages any everyday computing tasks without a hitch and is well-prepared for future applications.

G5 3100H (configurable)

Powerful solution for your home environment
Designed for use at home, you can configure the Shuttle XPC G5 3100H with a blazingly fast Intel Core2 Duo processor and a powerful graphics card to deliver incredible performance. Shining in the elegant G5 chassis design, this small form factor PC is the ideal companion for your living room.

Media Center M 2000M (configurable)

Multimedia in Hi-Fi Format
Shuttle has done an excellent job again when it comes to integrating multimedia component in a single living room unit which. Forget the old VHS, CD and DVD player, or radio and TV receivers. The Shuttle XPC M 2000M packs Dual Core Processor, Dual TV tuners, DVD drive, and 8-in-1 card reader and stands ready to deliver pure multimedia bliss. Experience TV, video, pictures, music and more - all from one device.
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