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How to enable SLI function on SN26P?

Which part do I need to notice?

We knew SN26P provide two 16x PCI-E slots for the SLI feature, please follow up the steps below to enable this feature:

  1. Make sure the same NVIDIA PCI-E video card (6600GT or higher) plug into according PCI-E slot, and proper installation of the bridge daughter board (yellow area) is required.

    If this connector is not plug into according position, OS will appear error message from driver utility:

  2. After proper hardware installation, we will see two VGA card in device manager and NVIDIA driver utility remind us SLI function can be enable.

  3. In NVIDIA driver utility, we can see "SLI multi GPU" and "show GPU load balancing" function can be enable. When enable this function, OS need reboot again for renew status.

  4. Show GPU load balancing in bench mark utility (blue arrow)

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