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How do I install RAID drivers on the SB77G5 during Windows 2000 or Windows XP installation?

In order to install Windows 2000 or Windows XP RAID driver on SB77G5, floppy drive and floppy disk with RAID driver is essential.

In order to install Windows 2000 or Windows XP RAID driver on SB77G5, floppy drive and floppy disk with RAID driver is essential.

Before you start you will need to do the following (create a Intel RAID Driver Floppy Disk or download the driver from here and extract/UnZip into a Floppy Disk directly):

  1. On a system running Windows, insert Motherboard Driver CD.
  2. Insert a blank floppy diskette into the floppy drive.
  3. Double-click on the D:\Intel\Raid\F6 install\F6 install.exe and answer all prompts presented, if your CD ROM Driver's label is D.
  4. When installation is complete, your floppy should contain the following files: iaStor.cat, iaStor.inf, iaStor.cat, License.txt, readme.txt and TXTSETUP.oem.

A: Using floppy drive:

  1. Go into the BIOS setup utility and enable Drive A and Onboard FDC Controller
    Enable Drive A.

  2. Enable Onboard FDC Controller.

  3. Install Windows, press F6 function key when Raid setup message string come up.

  4. Press S key to select RAID driver.

  5. Insert the floppy disk you just made into the floppy drive.

  6. Select the driver for your operating system.

  7. After the driver is selected. Press Enter to continue installing Windows.

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