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According to the SN41G2V2 detail specification, the DDR400 can't perform at its frequency(MHz) while onboard VGA is connected. Why?

Based on the nVidia Chipset specification and design guide, DDR400 will perform at optimal performance when only AGP card is installed and connected

How do VGA1, VGA2 and TV-out function properly at same time?

For SN41G2V2, the system supports only following combinations

Is the SN41G2V2 capable of having most ports/slot occupied as a full system?

Base on Shuttle "Full Loading" test standard, the SN41G2V2 is tested with benchmark software for over 3 days with following installed

The Issue about the SN41G2V2 failed to boot-up

Read more about this issue here

What temperature monitoring utilities are available?

The following links contain freeware/shareware for CPU/System/HDD temperature monitoring utilities

Why is my Microphone not working when I connect into front panel jack?

Please make sure that Mic2 in Main tab under NVIDIA nForce control panel is checked

Why is my system unstable?

Please try to uninstall and then reinstall CPU, Heat-Pipe and CPU protect shim

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