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Compatibility issue between Maxtor SATA II and nForce4 controller

This problem could be solved by updating the firmware of the hard disk drive.

Compatibility issue between Seagate SATA II harddisk and NVIDIA nForce4 IDE controller

There are reports regard no detection or data corruption with Seagate SATA II drives (7200.9 series) with Shuttle XPC Barebones SN25P or SN26P.

Does SN25P support SATAII hard drives?

Yes, SN25P supports SATAII functions, but...

How do I enable Max Supported 3D Hardware Sounds?

Please go to VIA Vinyl Audio Control Panel...

I have difficulty installing Windows with RAID.

To install an Windows 2000 or XP on a SATA hard drive, a floppy drive (or USB floppy drive) and floppy disk with the correct RAID drivers are essential.

My USB HDD cannot work when connected to front USB port CON2?

It is a known limitation that some USB HDD may not work properly...

What optical drive has been approve with P case?

Please look at our P chassis CD-ROM support list

Why won't my operating system install on the C: drive?

For models with pre-installed USB card reader such as the ST61G4, SN85G4 and RefleXion, etc, this could sometimes result in the card reader occupying the "C:" drive letter (as well as D, E and F).

Why won't my operating system install onto the C: Drive?

This could be due to the internal card reader using the "C" drive title

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