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  • Mini aluminium barebone system
  • Application range: as Performance Workstation 
    or high-end gaming PC
  • Socket 478 supports 400/533/800FSB and Hyper-Threading
  • Chipset: Intel 865PE / ICH5
  • Low noise with ICE-Heatpipe Cooling
  • Network: 100/10 MBit + 802.11b WIRELESS LAN integrated
  • 1x AGP (8X), 1x PCI, 2x DDR400/333/266/200, 8x USB 2.0
  • 6 Channel audio with SPDIF out




Press reviews about SB65G2


Computer Shopper UK:  High-performance Complete-XPC

Computer Shopper UK
Issue 3/ June 2004
The XPC G2 7500M is the first complete PC from Shuttle Computer Group, a company best known as a pureveyor of small-form-factor (SFF) desktop cases and barebones systems. Combine that with Microsoft's Windows XP Media Center Edition OS, and you have a compact, high-performance PC that's not hard to recommend to both portability-minded gamers and home media enthusiasts. (...) With a great performance, nice components, and a pedigree known for SFF PCs, this compact computer makes a great case for pint-size power.

+ High-end components for an SFF PC
+ quiet
+ portable LCD


PC Magazine Romania: Best performance award

PC Magazine Romania
Issue 4/2004
Comparison test for MiniPCs: a complete system based on XPC SB65G2 won the Editor's Choice award for the gaming section.

Translation: "In it's road to win "Editor's Choice" XPC Gaming was helped by very good performance and especially by many endowments. The integrator had choosed a solution with 2 SATA HDD with 120GB each mounted in RAID 0. This thing has generated a big capacity and better performance."


Hjemme Pc: "Best in Test" Award

Hjemme-PC Norway
issue from 2nd Feb. 2004
Shuttle SB65G2 have got AWARD as "Best in test

Shuttle is the pioneer in Barebone and have a lot of experince to use. Inside the good looking barebone you can get the best of the best from the PC-techology. The mother board is based on Intel 865PE, which means that you can install Pentium 4 with 800MHz FSB, Hyper Threading and Dual Channel DDR400 RAM. This litle box also have integrated wireless 802.11b network through an antenna at the backside of the cabinet. In this Shuttle box you get what you need with 5.1 sound, network, USB, FireWire, etc. This is a tower-PC killer!


PC World UK: "Recommended" Award

Personal Computer World UK
issue from  Feb. 2004

An extremely quiet system, and it´s got wireless too.
The mini ATX format cube PC, or small form factor to give its official name, has come along way in a short space of time, from no more than a low powered gimmick to a powerful alternative to the usual desktop or tower PC. Leading the way in this revolution has been Shuttle. (...)
Its latest barebones systems, the XPC SB65G2, now adds wireless to the mix. Stylishly finished in black anodised aluminium...(...) 
Shuttle´s SB65G2 is near silent as you can get with a PC these days and, with the addition of Wireless to the SB65G2, it keeps one step ahead of the competition.
Shuttle was the orginator of the small form factor PC and the SB65G2 shows it hasn´t lost its touch.

+ Build quality
+ wireless Editors Choice (Norwaz)
23. January 2004
+ very stilysh design
+ same performance as traditional solutions
+ integrated Wireless-LAN
+ comes with Audio, Firewire, Network and USB
+ S-ATA connectors
+ relativ small physical dimensions
+ good BIOS with all settings possible
+ keep its promise regarding overclocking: 285 MHz FSB stable
+ supports processors with 800MHz FSB speed
+ Vifteløs nordside


Legion Hardware: "Must have Hardware" Award

Legion Hardware
08. Januar 2004


(...) Overall, the SB65G2 is certainly worth considering if you’re looking at such a system. For creating a small portable gaming machine there is no better solution than a small form factor computer such as the SB65G2. (...) Finally, I am going to award this product with the “Must Have Hardware” title as I believe this is a true statement for gamers.


Nordic Hardware: Solid barebone with a high-class quality

Nordic Hardware
22. Dezember 2003

(...) Both SB65G2 and SB75G2 are solid barebones with a high-class quality. Both barebones are well equipped with S-ATA RAID, Wireless LAN (SB65) or Gigabit Ethernet (SB75) and that's really up to you what you want. Despite they have the smallest dimensions in the test we had no real problems with installation of our components. (...) Shuttle's barebones are all the way through solid products with well thought through features, barebones that fits most people that are looking for a small computer. (...)


  • Good performance
  • BIOS and overclocking potential
  • Loads of features, SATA-RAID, USB2.0, FireWire, Gigabit LAN, 6-channel audio etc.
  • High quality and neat design
  • Small dimensions
  • Effective cooling Finland: Recommended to everyone Finland
Finlands biggest hardware website
6. April 2004
SB65G2 is highly recommended to everyone and Shuttle's barebones fit to everyones demands.

+ Small Size
+ High Quality cooling system
+ Wireless Lan
+ Appearance
+ Simple


PC Power Play: SB65G2 received the "Power Award"

PC Power Play
Dezember 2003


If you’re a hardware enthusiast or hardcore gamer looking at making the jump to SFF, you won’t find a better solution than the Shuttle SB65G2. Put simply, this is without a doubt the best SFF unit we’ve seen yet. Based on the Intel® 865 and ICH5 chipset, the SB65G2 XPC supports high-powered 800MHz FSB CPU’s, super-fast dual-channel DDR400, Intel Hyper-Threading technology and full-sized 8X AGP cards. Couple this with the SB65G2’s overclocker-friendly BIOS that features extensive voltage and memory timing modifications, temperature monitoring, FSB adjustments up to 355MHz and the ability to lock your AGP/PCI speeds at 66/33MHz respectively, and the SB65G2 is sure to be a hit amongst enthusiasts and overclockers alike. Shuttle has done an outstanding job in its attempts to balance overclocking performance and noise levels, and the use of a heat-pipe system to cool the CPU makes the SB65G2 virtually inaudible. In addition, performance was on par with a desktop system of similar specifications, and overclocking was just as impressive with our multiplier locked 2.4C hitting a whopping 255MHz FSB (3060MHz).


Hot Hardware: Inexpensive, fast and stable product

Hot Hardware
13. November 2003


The SB65G2 is another great addition to Shuttle's XPC line-up. The Springdale chipset powering this system has matured into an inexpensive, fast and stable product - a perfect match for any PC, but especially useful in a much more "hostile" environment like an SFF system where heat and power concerns are compounded. (...) The SB65G2 is packed with great features, especially the built-in wireless network capabilities, and it performed excellently. The SB65G2 also seemed very comfortable running our CPU overclocked to impressive levels. (...) Anyone looking for an Intel powered SFF system must take a long, hard look at the SB65G2; it's a very well rounded product that's worthy of your consideration. We're also giving it a 9 on the HotHardware Heat Meter


ClickX Belgium: Editor's Choice Award

ClickX-Magazine Belgium
Issue No. 54 (from 18. Nov. 2003)

Keuze = Choice
Note: This Editor's Choice Award is given to products that combine good performance with an acceptable price tag.

Conclusion (translated from Dutch):
If you're looking for top notch performance, then the Shuttle XPC SB65G2 is your number one choice. This barebone has all the features, good looks and is very easy to install. Even the price is right.

Fazit (aus dem Niederländischen übersetzt):
Falls du etwas mit Top-Performance brauchst, dann ist der Shuttle XPC SB65G2 für dich die erste Wahl. Dieses Barebone-System hat die volle Ausstattung, sieht gut aus und ist einfach zu installieren. Sogar der Preis ist in Ordnung.


Toms Hardware Guide: Schwarzer Design-Knaller mit WLAN

Toms Hardware Guide

9. Oktober 2003

October, 14th 2003

Innovativ mit Konzept
(...) Die Verarbeitungsqualität fällt besonders bei den Mini-PCs von Shuttle sehr hoch aus. (...) Vielerorts sind vor allem die Barebones von Shuttle aus der XPC-Serie anzutreffen, die sogar als leistungsfähige Basis für 3D-Spiele herhalten. (...) Die Führungsrolle übernimmt in diesem Segment zweifellos die Firma Shuttle (...) Zum Standard gehören heute Hochgeschwindigkeits-Interfaces zur Kommunikation via USB 2.0, Fire-Wire oder Serial-ATA. Anschlüsse für Netzwerk oder 6-Kanal-Audio (analog bzw. digital) erwartet der Kunde ebenfalls. Im aktuellen Vergleich geht Shuttle sogar noch einen Schritt weiter und integriert WLAN (802.11b) beim XPC SB65G2 für die P4-Plattform.

Shuttle XPC SB65G2: Schwarzer Design-Knaller mit WLAN
Elegant und schwarz - Shuttle Barebone SB65G2 mit Intel 865PE-Chipsatz und WLAN (...) Sehr gut verarbeitet: Anschlüsse und Bedienfront (...) Vorbildlich: Lage und Anordnung der Schnittstellen und Tasten (...) Man kann es nicht oft genug wiederholen: In punkto Verarbeitung und Materialanmutung hat Shuttle gegenüber der Konkurrenz noch einen leichten Vorsprung (...) Das einheitlich schwarze Gehäuse ist auf jeden Fall ein Blickfang - und laut THG-Auffassung das schönste Gehäuse aus der XPC-Serie. (...) Eine optimale Performance erreicht das System im Zusammenspiel mit einem P4 3.2 GHz (200 MHz FSB-Takt) und schnellem Dual-DDR400-Speicher. Ansonsten lassen sich sämtliche P4-CPUs mit einem FSB-Takt von 100 MHz bzw. 133 MHz einsetzen. Da Shuttle viel Wert auf Performance legt und keine onboard-Grafik vorhanden ist, muss zusätzlich eine AGP-Grafikkarte angeschafft werden.

Fazit: (...) Die Verarbeitungsqualität fällt besonders bei den Mini-PCs von Shuttle sehr hoch aus. (...) Ein Highlight des Shuttle XPC SB65G2 ist die integrierte WLAN-Funktion, so dass der PC ohne Aufwand in ein drahtloses Netzwerk integriert werden kann. (...)



Mature Performance
(...) The workmanship, especially in the case of the mini-PCs from Shuttle, is very good. (...) You will stumble across bare-bones models in many places, particularly those of the XPC series of Shuttle, which will even do justice for power-hungry, 3D games. (...) The Shuttle company probably takes the lead in this market segment. (...) High-speed interfaces for communication via USB 2.0, FireWire or serial ATA are now the standard. But the customer can also expect connections for network or 6-channel audio (analog or digital). In the current comparison, Shuttle even goes one step farther and integrates WLAN (802.11b) into the XPC SB65G2 for the P4 platform.

Shuttle XPC SB65G2: Design hit in black with WLAN
Elegant and black - Shuttle's bare-bones SB65G2 with Intel 865chipset and WLAN (...) Very good workmanship: ports and front-panel buttons (...)Exemplary: Placement and order of interfaces and buttons (...) It can't be said often enough: as far as workmanship and material appearance are concerned, Shuttle has a slight edge over the competition. (...) The uniformly black case is an eye-catcher across the board - and the best-looking case in the XPC series. (...) The system achieves optimum performance when interacting with a P4 3.06 GHz (200 MHz FSB speed) and fast dual DDR400 memory. Otherwise, all P4 CPUs can be used with a FSB speed of 100 MHz or 133 MHz. Because performance is so important to Shuttle and no onboard graphics are available, an AGP graphics card must be obtained as an addition

Conclusions: (...) The workmanship, especially in the case of the mini-PCs from Shuttle, is very good. (...) A highlight of the Shuttle XPC SB65G2 is the integrated WLAN function, which allows the PC to be integrated effortlessly into a wireless network. (...)


SFFTech: Super für Overclocker und Hardcore Gamer

25. September 2003
Fazit: (Übersetzung)

SB65G2 weist eine solide Performance auf - eine Eigenschaft, die PC Freaks, Hardcore-Gamer und Overclocker schätzen werden. Einige mögen bei diesem System nur wenige Unterschiede gegenüber dem SB61G2 finden, aber es bietet wirklich eine durchschlagende Verbesserung, was das Overclocken anbelangt. (...)

Uns gefiel außerdem das neue Netzteil, das auch unter deutlicher Belastung durch das Overclocken extrem kühl zu bleiben schien. Das integrierte Wireless LAN ist ebenso ein gute Komponente. (...)

Schließlich hat SB65G2 die i865-Chipsatz-Version ohne integrierte Grafikfunktion. Stattdessen wird die bestmögliche Performance für Overclocker und PC Freaks in den Vordergrund gerückt.

Zu guter Letzt hängt es davon ob, wofür man den PC benötigt. Für alle Hardcore Gamer, LAN Party Verrückte, Overclocker und Freaks ist der SB65G2 eine sinvolle Steigerung zu Ihrem jetzigen SFF, oder ein großartiges Übergangssystem für die Liebhaber großer, grauer Kästen unter Ihnen. SB65G2 kombiniert die neuesten Leistungsmerkmale des i865-Chipsatzes und den leistungssteigernden BIOS-Optionen und ist somit eine Powerbox und wohl derzeit das beste Mini-XPC-System von Shuttle.


The SB65G2 is a solid performer with traits that any enthusiast, hardcore gamer, or overclocker will appreciate. While this system may feel to some like a small step up from the SB61G2, it really packs a punch with respect to overclocking. (...)

We also liked the new PSU design, which seems to run extremely cool, even under severe load while overclocking. The integrated wireless LAN is a nice feature as well. (...) 

(...) Finally, the SB65G2 sports the "video-less" version of the i865 chipset, instead focusing on delivering top notch performance to overclockers and enthusiasts.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to what type of user you are. For all those hardcore gamers, LAN party addicts, overclockers, and just plain enthusiasts out there, the SB65G2 is a worthy upgrade to your current SFF, or a great transition system for you big beige box lovers out there. With a combination of the latest features from the i865 chipset, coupled with performance-driven Bios options, the SB65G2 is a power house packaged up in arguably the best Shuttle XPC SFF case design yet.


AnandTech: It will definitely please you

AnandTech Website
9. September 2003

Shuttle XPC SB65G2: Hohe Leistung in diesem kleinen Paket
Small Form Faktor hat sich schnell von niedlich und kompromissbereit hin zu Maschinen entwickelt, die es mit jedem auf dem Markt befindlichen Desktop PC aufnehmen können. (...)

Dieses System ist mit den allerbesten 865/875 Systemen, die letztens getestet wurden, verglichen worden und hat sich dagegen behauptet. Wir haben ebenfalls das Overclocken eines Systems bewertet, das kaum größer als ein Toaster ist - ein System das bereits mit einer 3.0 CPU mit 800FSB, 1GB Dual-Channel Speicher und einer topaktuellen, vor Kraft strotzende ATI Radeon 9800 PRO läuft. Unser SFF von Toaster-Größe overclockte einfach nur gut. In jedem Test, dem wir es unterzogen, war es stabil, cool und leise, wie man es sich in einem Computer wünscht.

Wir sind nun an dem Punkt angelangt, an dem wir den SFF mit jedem PC den wir testen vergleichen, somit wird man sich von dem Gedanken, der SFF sei ein niedlicher Kompromiß verabschieden müssen.

(...) Die Lautsträrke die wir gemessen haben zeigt, dass der Shuttle eine der leisesten Maschinen bleibt, wenn der ICE cooling Lüfter auf eine niedrige Stufe gesetzt wird, die derzeit erhältlich sind. (...)

Betrachten Sie den Shuttle SB65G2 als ein vollausgestattetes, mit hochleistungs Springdale ausgestattetes, kleines und leises System mit einem sehr guten Preis. Wenn Ihnen dies zusagt, werden Sie sicher viel Spaß an dem SB65X2 oder SB61X2 haben. 


Shuttle XPC SB65G2: Big Performance in This Small Package
The Small Form Factor has been evolving rapidly from cute and compromised to machines that can compete with any desktop computer on the market. (...)

This system is being compared to the very best 865/875 systems recently reviewed, and it is holding its own against them. We even evaluated overclocking a system that’s barely larger than a toaster — a system already running a 3.0 800FSB CPU with 1GB of dual-channel memory and the current power hungry top-of-the line ATI Radeon 9800 PRO. Our toaster-size SFF overclocked just fine. In every test we ran, it was as stable, cool, and quiet as you could want in a computer.

We have now reached the point where we will compare the SFF to any PC we test, which means you will have to forget thinking about the SFF as a cute compromise. As we have clearly shown in the benchmarks, the SB65G2 is a great system compared to any 865/875 system. It is still cute, maybe even elegant, but we can no longer consider it compromised.

The other area where Shuttle has done a stellar job is increasing the performance to completely competitive levels while maintaining, or even improving, the quietness we have come to enjoy with the better SFF systems. Our Noise Level measurements show the Shuttle remains one of the quietest machines available when running on the low setting for the ICE cooling fan. In all our tests and overclocking, the fan never once needed to kick into higher cool, so you can comfortably expect quiet operation from the SB65G2.

This brings us to a new twist on the SFF machines, and that is value. (...) you will need to compare the cost and convenience of the SFF XPC box to the cost of conventional components when building a system. The price for a balanced Aluminum chassis PC, power supply, top-performing Springdale motherboard, and effective and very quiet heatpipe cooling system seems a very good value. If you would prefer the same system with integrated graphics, the Shuttle XPC SB61G2 is also available at about the same price. It also has the 8X AGP slot, so there is room for that future graphics upgrade.

Consider the Shuttle XPC SB65G2, a full-featured, top-performing Springdale in a very small and quiet system at a very good price. If that appeals to you, then the Shuttle XPC SB65X2 or the SB61X2 will definitely please you. Looks fantastic and works brilliantly

TweakTown Website
2. November 2003

Rating - 9 out of 10

"The Little guy packing a Big punch"

It wasn’t too long ago when if you wanted a compact computer you either had to make it yourself or sacrifice performance for size. It only took one company around about 18 months ago to decide that this wasn’t good enough and that company was Shuttle. Thanks to this Taiwanese based company, we now have that little guy (XPC) packing just as big a punch as people with full sized, 30kg systems. 
(...) It’s always exciting to see a PC that is 1/3 the size of your normal computer yet can still hold the latest graphics cards and a couple hundred gig of hard drive space.(...)

We have a fantastic little computer here that a lot of people will love. (...) Shuttle has been doing a lot with the XPC market lately and if Computex 2003 in Taiwan was anything to go by, we should be seeing a lot more exciting products from them in the near future as well as other manufacturing trying desperately to get themselves a piece of the pie. (..)

+ Looks fantastic
+ Works brilliantly
+ Easy Setup
+ Excellent Performance (with older BIOS) from Springdale chipset
+ ATI video cards will fit
+ Built-in 802.11B wireless will be handy for some. 8 out of 10 points, effortlessly competent barebones unit

04. November 2003
(...) Shuttle reckons that you can fit all the necessary components into a barebones outfit that provides the backbone to any PC, namely a motherboard with a high degree of feature integration, a small, slinky aluminium case, and more ports than a decent off license. What's more, these small cubes have matched the performance exhibited by a number of tuned, full-size motherboards. (...)


(...) In summary, the Shuttle SB65G2 is an effortlessly competent barebones unit that'll appeal to many potential buyers on the basis of performance, portability, features, stability and overclocking potential. (...) If you're determined to go down the Intel route, the SB65G2 is a classy performer (...).


Dan's Data: Recommended product

Dan's Data
28. Oktober 2003
(...) Shuttle's current "XPC" line aims to be all things to all people. If you want to build a high performance tiny-PC - Socket A, Socket 478, even Athlon 64 - they've got a box to suit you. (...)


Now, though, I'm a convert; the price difference has shriveled, there's no performance shortfall, (...) and, let's face it, these little suckers are just cool. Recommended.


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