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XPC Wireless LAN Module, 54 MBit/s (PN15)

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Specification: Wireless LAN Module PN15

Compliant with IEEE802.11g
Interface USB 2.0 (for onboard connector)
Dimensions 25 (W) x 60 (L) x 4.3 (H) mm
Weight 7.5g
Operating Voltage 5V
Current 22 ~ 500 mA
Data Rate 1 ~ 54 Mbps
Transmit Power Typ. 12 dBm @ Nominal Temperature Range
Receive Sensitivity 11 Mbps @ -82 dBm, Typical
Securitiy 64/128 bit WEP/WPA
Antenna Two GSC Type RF Connector
Supplied Driver Windows 98SE/ME/2K/XP
Media Access Protocol CSMA/CA with ACK
Temperature Range 0-65 C operating
Humidity Max. 95% Non-condensing
Operating Range Open Space: ut to 400m; Indoor: Up to 100m
Management Utility Link Configuration for network join and diagnostics
Accessories 2x USB Cable, Antenna, Antenna Signal Cable, 
4x Screws, Converter Board
Compatible with SK41G, SK43G, SN41G2, SN41G2V2, SN45G, SN85G4, SB51G, SB52G2, SB61G2, SB62G2, SB65G2, SB75G2, ST61G4 ST62K, SS56G, SS56L and SS51G V2.0

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Download PN15

Press reviews of WLAN module PN15

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27. Juni 2004
So does the pn15 live up to its job? yes. Its a nice compact wireless adapter that provides a good solid network connection without the need to take up the precious pci slot on your shuttle. Installation is pretty quick, setup is easy. Overall i'd give this product 8/10 and say its a must-buy for anyone with a shuttle and a wireless network.



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