Adapter board for a WLAN card in EN01

Two Shuttle Accessories are required to equip a Shuttle Edge PC of the EN01 series with a WLAN function: the WLAN kit WLN-M and the adapter board LN007. The Shuttle Accessory LN007 converts the M.2 slot of the EN01 to the format of the WLAN card.

  • Contents: Adapter board with screw
  • Function: M.2 slot converter from M.2-3042 (Key M) to M.2-2230 (Key A+E)
  • Compatibility: Compatible with the following Shuttle products:
    Shuttle Edge EN01J3, EN01J4, EN01E, EN01B
    Only to be used in combination with the Shuttle Accessory WLN-M (WLAN kit)
  • Note: The LN007 occupies the M.2 slot, therefore other optional components like an M.2 SSD card, LTE expansion (WWN01) or HDMI capture card (MCAP01) can no longer be installed.
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