NAS server for small offices, workgroups or home use
The OMNINAS KS10 is a real team player. It can be used to facilitate collaboration between colleagues in a department or to share content fairly between all family members on a home network. No matter whether you're using a notebook, PC, smartphone, games console or smart TV, the KS10 feels right at home in any environment and works with numerous networked devices.

Initial setup made really easy
Installing a KS10 is quick and uncomplicated. Simply connect the device to your WLAN router (switch or directly to your PC), start the supplied "Finder" and in just a few clicks your new NAS system is available to all devices on your network.

Rapid data transfer
The dual-core processor used always offers enough resources to transfer up to 80/60 MB/s (R/W) [1] via its Gigabit Ethernet interface. Ideal for ultra-rapid data backups and, of course, for regular read/write transfers to the KS10.

Saves on electricity bills
In view of today's rising energy prices, the KS10's extreme frugality is a real benefit. At just 5.8 W in standby mode and 11.9 W in normal mode [1], its consumption is negligible even in continuous operation. Good for the environment and your wallet.

Integrated card reader for many SD memory cards
Save your digital photos and videos automatically with the AutoCopy feature. Simply insert a memory card in the reader and the KS10 copies all content into your predefined directory. And to help you keep track of your files, the new folder is provided with a date stamp.

Thanks to its support of multiple transfer protocols, access from PCs with Windows, OS X or Linux operating systems is possible.

Mobile access from smartphone, tablet or browser
Provided the "Share Box" function is enabled, you can access data stored on the KS10 from any PC with Internet capability after entering your password. For access from smartphones and tablets, use the free "OMNINAS" app (available for Android and iOS).

Integrated media server
Multimedia content, e.g. music, videos and photos, can easily be downloaded from DLNA-compatible devices (e.g. games consoles and media players). An iTunes server is also pre-installed.

Additional data security thanks to automatic backups
To safeguard the data on the KS10, you can back up selected folders to peripheral devices connected via USB or other NAS systems. This process can be time-controlled.

Time-controlled torrent downloads
Some P2P downloads are particularly large and therefore take a long time to complete. With the KS10 these downloads can be performed without a running PC, thereby saving energy. In order to ensure that other network users are not unnecessarily inconvenienced by the slowing down of shared Internet access, arranged downloads can be delayed and activated e.g. at night.

Sharing your printer over the network
An integrated printer server offers the opportunity of providing up to two USB printers over the network. Sharing a printer saves costs and energy.

[1] depending on the test environment
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