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High performance Mini-PC platform supports 22nm "Ivy Bridge" processors
This XPC delivers top performance and a large feature list despite its small aluminum chassis. Thanks to the support of newest hardware components like 22nm Ivy Bridge processors, PCI-Express v3.0 graphics cards and 32GB DDR3 RAM support, this platform can be transformed to a high end PC with amazing performance. Demanding peripheral cards can be populated into the PCIe X4 slot and two Mini PCIe slots can be used e.g. for a WLAN and a mSATA-SSD card. The XPC also features 10 USB connectors, four of them comply the USB 3.0 standard. The SZ77R5 provides SATA ports with 6G-speed for modern hard disks and SSDs, and it also supports RAID and Smart Response (SSD caching). The highly efficient 500W power supply guarantees reliable operation even with a fully equipped system. Let yourself bewitched from the inner values und stylish exterior of this Shuttle XPC!
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