Accessory for the XS35 series to support a second hard disk drive

Using this accessory, a second 2.5" drive (hard disk or SSD) can be fitted in a Shuttle Slim-PC of the XS35 series. This will occupy the bay for the optical slimline drive (e.g. DVD R/W drive).

  • Scope of delivery
    - Hard disk rack
    - Hard disk adapter card
    - 2x screws for the adapter card
    - 4x screws for the hard disk
    - 2x standoff screws
  • Compatibility:
    Compatible with Shuttle Slim-PCs of the XS35 series:
    XS35, XS35GT, XS35V2, XS35GTV2, XS35GTAV2, XS35GSV2, XS35V3, XS35V3L, XS35GTAV3, XS35GSV3, XS35GSV3L, XS35V4.
    Supports one SATA drive (hard disk or SSD) with 63.5mm/2.5" form factor and a maximum height of 9.5mm.
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