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The High-Definition Platform for the highest requirements

The spread of HD-compatible flat screens is continuing. In this Mini-PC Barebone you will find your ideal partner to digitally transfer images and sound at the highest quality through the HDMI interface. This Mini-PC made of aluminium easily meets the highest of standards in the playback of films on Blu-ray media and the Intel G45 Express chipset enables the use of the latest Multi-Core processors. Away from the high-definition playback, this platform can also be used to run very routine applications at maximum speed.


The next generation of Mini-PC-Barebones

The new H7-casing of the XPC Barebone SN78SH7 combines the best features of many successful Shuttle Mini-PCs and is ushering in the next generation. The Mini-PC-Barebone's technical highlights include the use of the NVIDIA GeForce 8200 chipset which already supports DirectX 10 and HDMI. That this XPC Barebone is the ideal base for AMD's innovative Phenom*) Multi-Core-processors based on the Socket AM2+, is reinforced by a highly effective 300 watt power supply. Current graphics cards with PCI-E 2.0 are supported without any problems in this attractive aluminium casing. Purchasers can expect a true "Auditory Cinema" due to the outstanding sound quality produced through the DTS Connect and Dolby Digital Live! *) please refer the support list regarding AMD Phenom II compatibility.


Maximum performance, packaged with elegance

With its size of only 32.5 x 22 x 21 cm (DWH), this Mini-PC Barebone in the H7-Design also accommodates the fastest Intel Core 2 processors with two or four cores. Up to 16 GB DDR2-800 memory and three SATA2 hard disks can be installed. This XPC Barebone SP45H7 uses the Intel P45 Express chipset and comes supplied with Gigabit-LAN and many different connection options. Specific options in the BIOS enable excellent opportunities to fine-tune the clock cycle and voltage. The XPC Barebone SP45H7 will totally win you over right down the line – whether as a workstation in a professional environment or with large graphics cards as a gaming cube.


Mini-PC Barebone for Intel Core i7 Processors

This new flagship spearheads Shuttle's squad of high-performance Mini-PCs. It is based on the Intel X58 Express Chipset making to ready to run Intel Core i7 processors for the first time. A fast processor is of course nothing without a lot of memory. Up to 16GB of blazingly fast DDR3 modules are supported by four DIMM slots. To complement this, the SX58H7 already comes supplied with two Gigabit network connectors. Concentrated performance in a small space - so even applications from the professional sector as well as brand-new games do not present any problem at all for the XPC Barebone SX58H7.


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