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SG33G5M (D'VO Series)

Media centre barebones PC for HD screens
Curtains up for the Shuttle XPC Barebone SG33G5M. With the right software installed, its versatile front display provides various information on the system's status when running. Being ready for the latest Intel processors such as Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Quad, the Shuttle XPC Barebone SG33G5M is designed to take a maximum capacity of up to 4GB of DDR2-800 memory. For enhanced performance, this mini PC comes with advanced frequency and voltage BIOS settings for both processor and memory. The Intel GMA 3100 graphics engine delivers crisp and crystal clear images through HDMI output with HDCP for HD screens. Dolby Digital Live! and DTS Connect bring the ultimate sound experience to home environments and make the Shuttle XPC Barebone SG33G5M ideal for realistic 3D games and thrilling films while it transfers data with its high-speed Gigabit-LAN interface. The current operating system Windows Vista is optimally supported.


SG33G5M Deluxe
True-to-life Entertainment

At the heart of the Shuttle D'VO series the Shuttle XPC SG33G5M Deluxe is an entire home entertainment system in one compact chassis. Sit back and enjoy a complete entertainment experience with visually stunning HD video delivered through HDMI (HDCP) output and the finest cinematic surround sound effects delivered by Dolby® Digital Live! and DTS™ Connect functionality. In addition, it features fingerprint recognition as an added layer of security, Speed-Link technology which easily connects 2 PCs via USB, integrated Wireless LAN and Bluetooth transceivers, and the integrated VFD display for Windows Media Center.


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