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If you own a Shuttle XPC, then you need not to be an expert in order to modify the XPCs design. Shuttle offers accessory products which makes case modding an easy task. Thus, your XPC will be even more an eye-catcher.


Colorful Face Changeable Kit
Make up your XPC with own selection style and color flavor. Color panels allow you to change your XPC front design with selection colors. Available in transparent, red, green or blue



Coperchi colorati
Per cambiare il design del vostro XPC abbiamo creato queste coperchie di colori per il casse del vostro PC. Soltanto avete bisogno d'un po' di creatività; scegliete il colore, e personalizzate il vostro Shuttle



Frontpanel upgrade kit with VFD Media Display
Get the most complete Windows Media Center experience for the home. The Shuttle XPC Accessory PF27 is a replacement for the standard front panel of compatible G2/G5-series Shuttle XPCs. It features a stylish black mirrored G5 front design with chrome buttons and stealthed drive bays and media connectors. The highlight is the integrated Media Display which is fully compatible with Microsoft's Media Center Edition and can be used as secondary display showing system status information right on the front of your Shuttle XPC without obstructing the main screen. Customize your XPC!


Carrying Bag for the Shuttle All-in-One PC X50

Robust nylon carrying bag for safe and comfortable transport of the Shuttle All-in-One PC X50.



ReflectiX Mirror face
Con questo coperchio speciale potrete trasformare facilmente l'apparenza del vostro XPC. L'effetto specchio di questo coperchio lucidato, fará del vostro XPC un apparecchio elegantissimo.


19” Wide LCD Monitor - Xtreme Your Vision

Experience the optimized and colorful image with Shuttle XP19 immediately! XP19 offers well-defined images with its stylish and elegant appearance. Featuring 24Slim™ body for the space saving and the slim frame border to maximize the vision. Especially the 5ms fast response time delivers outstanding image quality definitely gets you to the true-to-life entertainment.

The conveniently integrated speaker provides incredible audio experience and the friendly on screen display lets the users individualize the visual preferences while enjoying the stunning XP19.

XP19 is definitely ideal companion for various applications to extreme your vision and life. Never miss XP19 if you want to look good with a good look monitor.


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