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Get the aluminum advantage

The Shuttle XPC is housed in an all aluminum case. Aluminum is one of the best metals for computer chassis because it is hard and strong, very light, corrosion resistant, conducts heat and is non magnetic. Aluminum also makes the best looking cases. Aluminum possesses the best strength-to-weight ratio of any metal. Aluminum alloys are harder and stronger than steel. This makes for a very solid chassis that will not warp or twist out of shape after repeated accesses.

Very light

Aluminum is extremely light and therefore the Shuttle XPC's chassis is very light. The Shuttle XPC is light enough and small enough to be call a portable desktop. This is one computer that invites you to take it to the rehearsal because it's really not a hassle to move it around - and the strain on your shoulders would be minimal.

Corrosion resistant

Because of its tendency to form a protective oxide coating upon exposure to the atmosphere, aluminum needs no further treatment in ordinary environments. This means that the chassis inside and out will tend not to corrode, rust or discolor. This makes for an extremely durable computer that will last many years and remain in pristine condition if cared.

Thermal conductivity

Aluminum is 4 times better at conducting heat than steel. This means that when your machine begins to run hot during extended constant-use periods, the chassis itself acts like a giant heat sink and helps to drive heat to the outside of the computer.


Aluminum is the preferred metal in applications where magnetism may be a problem. In an environment with powered speakers and computer CRT monitors in a small space the Shuttle XPC is the perfect computer for minimizing magnetic interference.


X P2 G6 G5 G2


Slim Slot
1x 3.5"
1x 5.25"
3x 3.5"
1x 5.25"
2x 3.5"
1x 5.25"
2x 3.5"
1x 5.25"
2x 3.5"


Depth 296 mm 320 mm 310 mm 310 mm 310 mm
Width 210 mm 220 mm 200 mm 200 mm 200 mm
Height 55 mm 210 mm 185 mm 185 mm 185 mm
Weight 3.41 4.2 kg 3.6kg 3.6kg 3.6kg
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