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AMD Opteron Support for Shuttle XPC Barebones

The following Shuttle XPC Barebones are ready to support AMD Opteron processors with Socket 939.
You can find the complete list of tested hardware here: http://global.shuttle.com/support_list.jsp

AMD Opteron Sockel 939 Support (Date: 7. Dec. 2005)

Shuttle XPC Barebone BIOS since
SN25P FN25S01Y
SN26P SN26S00R
SN95G5 V1 SN95S1XB
SN95G5 V2 SN95S2XB
SN95G5 V3 SN95S3X9
ST20G5 FT20S017

History of the Opteron Processor

The AMD Opteron processor is the first of AMD's AMD64 (x86-64) processors, released April 22, 2003. AMD needs to differentiate between the server and the consumer platforms. Opteron is the workstation and server level processor, while Athlon64 is supposed to conquer the mass market. The AMD Opteron processor is offered in three series: the 100 series (1-way), the 200 series (1 to 2-way), and the 800 series (up to 8-way), which means that on mainboard can support 1, 2, or up to 8 Opteron processors at the same time. The original Opteron features a Socket 940 and its integrated DDR SDRAM memory controller supports registered DIMMs.

In February of 2005, AMD introduced Opterons with 90nm production and E-Stepping featuring an improved memory controller, lower power consuption, higher HyperTransport clock frequency (1000MHz), SSE3 extensions, Enhanced Virus Protection (NX Bit) and the Optimized Power Management (OPM - similar to Athlon's Cool'n'Quiet).

In May of 2005, AMD introduced its first "Dual-Core" Opteron CPU's (each physical Opteron chip contains two separate processor cores).

In August of 2005, AMD has also released a new 100 series of Socket 939 Opterons, which allows vendors to offer lower cost Opteron systems, as Socket 939 mainboards support unbuffered DIMMs instead of registered DIMMs. Before that, the Socket 939 was reserved for Athlon 64, Athlon 64 FX and Athlon 64 X2 processors, only. AMD’s move is aimed to promote dual-core Opteron processors in the entry-level server and workstation segments.

AMD Opteron Socket 939, 1 MB Cache

Single Core Dual Core
1.8 GHz Model 144 Model 165
2.0 GHz Model 146 Model 170
2.2 GHz Model 148 Model 175
2.4 GHz Model 150 Model 180
2.6 GHz Model 152
2.8 GHz Model 154

Further Information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opteron 

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