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Which CPU Core has my AMD Athlon 64 / FX?

The OPN code printed on the CPU heat spreader can tell you the CPU core name.

Model OPN code Core
2800+ ADA2800AEP4AP ClawHammer
2800+ ADA2800AEP4AR ClawHammer
2800+ ADA2800AEP4AX Newcastle
3000+ ADA3000AEP4AP ClawHammer
3000+ ADA3000AEP4AR ClawHammer
3000+ ADA3000AEP4AX Newcastle
3000+ ADA3000DAA4BP Venice (E3)
3000+ ADA3000DAA4BW Venice (E6)
3000+ ADA3000DEP4AW Newcastle
3000+ ADA3000DIK4BI Winchester
3200+ ADA3200AEP4AX Newcastle
3200+ ADA3200AEP5AP ClawHammer
3200+ ADA3200AEP5AR ClawHammer
3200+ ADA3200DAA4BP Venice (E3)
3200+ ADA3200DAA4BW Venice (E6)
3200+ ADA3200DEP4AW Newcastle
3200+ ADA3200DIK4BI Winchester
3400+ ADA3400AEP4AX Newcastle
3400+ ADA3400AEP5AP ClawHammer
3400+ ADA3400AEP5AR ClawHammer
3500+ ADA3500DAA4BN San Diego
3500+ ADA3500DAA4BP Venice (E3)
3500+ ADA3500DAA4BW Venice (E6)
3500+ ADA3500DEP4AS ClawHammer
3500+ ADA3500DEP4AW Newcastle
3500+ ADA3500DIK4BI Winchester
3700+ ADA3700AEP5AR ClawHammer
3700+ ADA3700DAA5BN San Diego
3800+ ADA3800DAA4BP Venice (E3)
3800+ ADA3800DAA4BW Venice (E6)
3800+ ADA3800DEP4AW Newcastle
4000+ ADA4000DAA5BN San Diego
4000+ ADA4000DEP5AS ClawHammer
4200+ ADA4200DAA5BV Manchester
4400+ ADA4400DAA6CD Toledo
4600+ ADA4600DAA5BV Manchester
4800+ ADA4800DAA6CD Toledo
FX-51 ADAFX51CEP5AK ClawHammer
FX-51 ADAFX51CEP5AT ClawHammer
FX-53 ADAFX53CEP5AT ClawHammer
FX-53 ADAFX53DEP5AS ClawHammer
FX-55 ADAFX55DAA5BN San Diego
FX-55 ADAFX55DEI5AS ClawHammer
FX-57 ADAFX57DAA5BN San Diego
FX-59 ADAFX59DAA5BN San Diego
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