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Multimedia-Memory Cards

Photo Memory card Description


The unchallanged winner these days in advancing with a clever strategy. Compact design with 31 x 23 x 2 mm only. More and more manufacturers use SD-cards in digital cameras, MP3-players, PDAs and notebooks.


Multimedia cards are in use nearly everywhere. Manufacured in almost the same case as SD. The SD-cards is 0,7 mm thicker than the MM-card that makes the thinner MM-cards fit in the SD-slot of a card reader, but not the other way round.
Compact Flash


This format is first choice for cameras of experts. But CompactFlash has lost a lot of their market share to booming SD-card. Type II is from 1,7 to 2,0 mm thicker than type I and won't fit in every CF-slot. Compared to more modern formats, CF-cards appear to be more bulky. (up to six times bigger than SD-cards)


This mini hard disk of card reader dimensions plays an important part. The same spacious design like CF. That makes Flash memory chips and even 1 inch hard disks with now 512MB to 4GB fit in a CompactFlash II case. Due to its high capacity, it is the cheapest MB price by far.


Though it is used only by a few manufacturer (Fujifilm/Olympus), this format could gain market share visibly. In general slower and more expensive than SD-card. Technically building on SM-card.


This format is no more important. Only remainders are still being sold, but this type will no more be improved and further developed.
Memory Stick


This competitor to Multimedia-cards is available in four different versions. The original version is quiet slow with limited memory capacity (128MB resp. Duo: 2x128MB). The Duo-version is made for cell-phones and can also be installed in digital cameras via adapter. The Pro-version has a bigger capacity, is faster, but no more downward compatible. As Sony intends to stop their PDA production, the survival of MS can be questioned by now.

* model is not supported by Shuttle card reader
Some information from: Chip Foto-Video, issue 10/2004, p94ff

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