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Most Frequently Asked Technical Support Questions

Please take a look at the following 5 most frequently asked questions received by our technical support department before contacting Shuttle, in the event that the answer to your question is here. Should this not be the case, you will find a technical support form at the bottom of the page.

Q: Which CPUs does my XPC support? How can I make it compatible with newer CPUs? (Core 2 Duo, Core Duo, Prescott, Winchester, Sempron, ...)

A: Please check our compatibility lists. These are regularly updated and always contain the latest available information. You will also find information about supported memory types and video cards.

Compatibility List XPC: http://global.shuttle.com/support_list.jsp
Compatibility List Motherboards: http://global.shuttle.com/support_list.jsp

These lists contain ALL supported CPUs for a specific device, regardless of the BIOS version. Compatibility with CPUs not listed cannot be added through a BIOS update. These lists do however assume that you have the latest version of the available BIOS installed. You can find BIOS updates here: http://global.shuttle.com/support/download

Q: Does my XPC support a NVIDIA GeForce 7900 or an ATI Radeon X1950? Is the power supply too weak to support such a card?

A: The power supply unit can be counted on to deliver sufficient power without any difficulties. You need only consider whether the video card will fit in the system. Cards with a dual fan system (dual slot cards, or cards with an exceptionally large fan) will unfortunately NOT fit in the system. The only exception are P/P2-series cases (such as the SD31P/SN27P2.) For other cards please take a look at our compatibility list, which also details supported CPUs and memory: http://global.shuttle.com/support.jsp

Q: I am unable to install Windows. I receive I/O errors, or a blue screen with a message such as IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL and the computer simply reboots.

A: Most such cases are caused by defective or incompatible memory chips. As a result you should verify whether it is compatible with the installed chipset. Some producers publish their own memory compatibility lists.

NVIDIA: http://www.nvidia.com/content/nForceMemoryCompatability/lstnForceMemoryCompatibility.asp
ATI: http://mirror.ati.com/products/radeon9100igp/memvendor.html
Intel: http://developer.intel.com/technology/memory/ddr/valid/dram_results.htm

Compatibility lists are also available on our web site:

Compatibility list XPC: http://global.shuttle.com/support_list.jsp
Compatibility list motherboards: http://global.shuttle.com/support_list.jsp

In the event that your memory is not listed, we suggest that you replace it. Individual memory modules may also be defective.

Q: My XPC no longer boots up or there is no picture displayed on the monitor. Is the motherboard defective?

A: The problem does not lie with the motherboard in 90% of such cases. Please follow these steps to isolate the problem:

  1. Please remove all non essential components (hard drives, disk drives, card reader, etc...) The CPU and memory, along with the video card if required, can be left in place at this stage.
  2. Please erase the CMOS by following this procedure:
    - Remove the electrical cord
    - Remove the CMOS battery
    - Press the CMOS button / Place the jumper in the reset position (10-20 seconds)
    - Reinstall the battery, electrical cord and try again. 
  3. Inspect the motherboard as much as possible for signs of damage. 
  4. Test the CPU in another system or another CPU in the current XPC. 
  5. Test the memory in another system, or different memory in the current XPC. We recommend the use of brand name memory for testing purposes. 
  6. Test the video card in a new system or another video card in the current XPC.

Q: Not a single audio port works on my XPC, or the ports are not set to the correct volume.

A: Please check ALL cables that connect the motherboard to the front panel. You will find a flat, silver cable on newer systems. Please verify the connection of this cable, unplugging and replugging it again if necessary. Improperly connected, this cable will also interfere with other functions of the XPC, such as the back panel in- and out- ports. You should remove the disk bay in order to secure appropriate access to the relevant components.

Should you still have difficulties after trying these solutions (where applicable,) please contact your reseller so that your system may be examined.

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