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When you reinstall Windows XP, existing data and programs may be erased. Make sure to back up all of your personal files on a CD-R before commencing reinstallation. After you have reinstalled the system software, you will need to reinstall all programs that are not included with Windows XP. All necessary drivers are located on the driver-CD.

  1. Power up the monitor.
  2. Power up the Shuttle XPC.
  3. Press the "Del" (delete) key immediately for access to the BIOS.
  4. Select the menu option "Advanced BIOS Features".
  5. Press "ENTER".
  6. Using the PageUp and PageDown keys, set the "First Boot Device" to
  7. Insert the Installation CD.
  8. Press "F10" to save your settings and again confirm your selection
    with "Y" (yes) and "ENTER".
  9. When the message "Press any key to boot from CD" appears at the
    bottom of the screen, press any key.
  10. The Shuttle XPC will now restart from the CD.
  11. A "Welcome" screen appears.
  12. Press "ENTER".
  13. Accept the EULA (End User License Agreement) by pressing "F8".
  14. Next, the Shuttle XPC searches for existing Windows XP installations.
  15. If an existing installation is found, you may choose to repair it. To
    reinstall the system, press "ESC".
  16. The hard drive partitions are displayed next.
  17. If the hard drive already contains a partition, the system software can
    be installed on this partition. To do this, press "ENTER".
  18. Confirm by pressing "I".
  19. You now need to choose a file system.
  20. Select Option 1: "NTFS File System (Quick)" and confirm your
    selection by pressing "F".
  21. The hard drive is now being formatted.
  22. Next, the necessary data is copied from CD.
  23. Once the copy procedure is complete, the Shuttle XPC restarts.
  24. If the message "Please press any key to restart from CD" appears
    again, do NOT press any keys.
  25. The Shuttle XPC will now start from the hard drive.
  26. Select your language and region. Continue with "Next".
  27. Enter your user name and organization (company).
  28. If you wish, you can also enter a computer name and an administrator
  29. The date and time are displayed next. Adjust these if necessary.
  30. When prompted to select your network settings, choose "Typical Settings".
  31. If you wish, you can enter your workgroup. Continue with "Next".
  32. The Shuttle XPC now restarts.
  33. Confirm the dialog box for optimizing the display settings with "OK".
  34. The Windows XP "Welcome" screen appears.
  35. Continue with "Next".
  36. You can choose to skip configuring Internet access or follow the
    provided Windows XP instructions.
  37. If you previously chose not to configure Internet access, click "No"
    when prompted to register Windows.
  38. Continue with "Next".
  39. When prompted, enter your user name.
  40. The Shuttle XPC is then reconfigured.
  41. Please insert the driver-CD and follow the instructions stated in the
  42. You can now work with Windows XP.
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