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Does the ST61G4 perform with most ports/slot occupied, i.e. a full system?

Based on Shuttle "Full Loading" test standard, the ST61G4 has been tested with benchmark software for over 3 days with following installed

Does the ST62K/ST61G4 support Microsoft Windows Server 2003?

No. The ST62K/ST61G4 is based on the ATI RS300 chipset...

FSB-Overclocking Setting ST61G4

In BIOS-setup under "Advanced Chipset Features" the setting for "FSB Over Clock By" can be found with values from 0 to 15 MHz.

How come my card reader cable will not reach USB card reader header?

The reason that cable won't reach the card reader is that the cable has been held into place by a cable tie.

How come when installing WinXP on a Hitachi HDS722580VLSA80 SATA HDD, the system hangs when formating?

You will need to install a beta Silicon Image chipset driver to solve this issue

Versions of XPC ST61G4

Differences between the XPC ST61G4 up to BOM version 13 and the XPC ST61G4 from BOM version 14.

What's the different between Automatic, Manual Online and Manual Offline settings for RAID1 in RAID Configuration Utility?

This is an application note for customers who want to configure a Raid 1 mirror using any Silicon Image storage product on a system with an existing OS and file system installed on their machine.

Why won't my operating system install on the C: drive?

For models with pre-installed USB card reader such as the ST61G4, SN85G4 and RefleXion, etc, this could sometimes result in the card reader occupying the "C:" drive letter (as well as D, E and F).

Why won't my operating system install onto the C: Drive?

This could be due to the internal card reader using the "C" drive title

Windows XP is not registering connected USB devices for example the 6-in-1 card reader and PN11. What to do?

If your system is not recognizing a USB device, for example the PN11 or the bundled 6-in-1 card reader, follow the steps below.

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