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Comment utiliser l'option "CPU Fan AutoGuardian" (Ajustement automatique du ventilateur) dans le BIOS?

Le Barebone SS51G V2.0 intègre une fonction permettant d'ajuster automatiquement la vitesse du ventilateur du processeur en fonction de la température de ce dernier.

How does Shuttle I.C.E. heat pipe technology overcome the noise and heat concerns commonly faced with P4 fan heatsink coolers?

Shuttle I.C.E. heat pipe is equipped with aluminum heatsink with copper base to quickly adsorbed and effectively transfer the heat generated from the CPU through the special designed copper heat pipe up to the thin fins, where the heat is then being cooled down by 8cm, low RPM noise-reduced fan.

How does Shuttle I.C.E. heat pipe technology work?

A heat pipe is a heat transfer device with an extremely high effective thermal conductivity. Heat pipe is a vacuum tight vessel which is evacuated and partially back-filled with a working fluid.

How to install PCI VGA card in SS51G V2.0?

Please follow these procedures to install PCI VGA card

How to use USB keyboard on the SS51G V2.0(FS51 V2.0)?

If you use USB keyboard on the DOS mode or Windows NT, please enables the item of "USB keyboard support" in BIOS setting (Integrated Peripherals Setup/Onchip PCI Device).

What is SPDIF?

SPDIF (Sony/Philips Digital Interface) is a standard audio transfer file format.

What is the difference in Bios setting for Video Out between UTV and OTV?

SS51G V2.0 has UTV and OTV function for use with optional upgradeable CV20 TV-Out/DVI add-on card, default is UTV/NTSC; it stands for underscan and overscan of TV-out.

What temperature monitoring utilities are available?

The following links contain freeware/shareware for CPU/System/HDD temperature monitoring utilities

What's the maximum resolution for optional CV20 (TV-Out/DVI) add-on card to use in SS51G V2.0?

SS51G V2.0 barebone features SiS301MV chipset based TV-Out/DVI add-on card as an optional upgrade kit.

When I tried to overclock the system, some onboard devices failed to work. What could be the cause of the problem?

For example, onboard Realtek ALC650 audio chipset is referenced to CPU host clock frequencies, it is most likely that the audio device will not function normally when you try to overclock beyond its chipset hardware specification operating frequencies.

Why is there a delay on the SPDIF-out signal?

When a file is selected to play via SPDIF-out, it takes 0.5s before a sound begins playing

Why my copper heat-pipe has a silver finish look?

Production heat-pipe is coated with nickel metal.

Why my system can't run DX9 game?

You may need to install new AGP driver for your system

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