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"The main thing is to be different" is the motto of true case modders, many of whom invest many months in their projects. Their aim is to create an individual, and often personalised, chassis that stands out from the rest. So while totally new chasses can be designed and built from scratch, case mods have also been fashioned from beer crates, old record players and microwaves.

Nowadays case modding has reached a high, almost professional level with fairs and competitions regularly held around the world. Events such as the DCMM (German Case Mod Championship) and the GCCM (Games Convention Case-mod Masters) are attracting growing numbers of participants and visitors. Here you’ll find modding fans and gamers together, not only to demonstrate their playing skills, but also to show off their customised computers.

The "basic modifications" start with a window in the sidewall of the computer, with some engravings and cathode lamps throw in for good measure. These modifications move on to countless LEDs, a temperature display, and ventilation control. An additional, and not uncommon, modification to standard PCs is water-cooling. This technique requires that not only the chassis be modified, but the components as well, so to create both a stylised and quieter computer.

Case modding has grown to unbelievably large proportions, and it’s a hobby that likes to be seen. It’s no wonder, then, that modified chasses are now being traded and an entire industry has sprung up around modding.

Chassis design is also something very important to Shuttle. As well as high performance, and very low operation noise, Shuttle offers accessories to modify the look of its XPCs. The true artist only needs a small form factor PC as the basis on which to build something big…

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