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Prescott support of Shuttle products

The latest Pentium/Celeron D CPUs with Prescott core are just partly supported by older mainboards and XPCs. Please refer to our "support list" of your device to ensure, if your product can run Prescott CPUs.



Models without Prescott support cannot be upgraded with the help of a BIOS update.

What CPU type do I have?

Decisive for identifying your CPU is the size of L2 cache.  Prescott CPUs do have the following sizes:
Celeron D = 256kb
Pentium 4 = 1024kb (1MB)
Identifying the CPU requires a specification number that can also be found on the CPU itself.
Its initial letters are SL…

Follow the link below for further digits:

Alternatively, the cache size can also be found right on the CPU.
Example: "2.8/1M/800" would be a 2.8GHz CPU with 800MHz FSB and 1MB L2 cache.

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