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Press reviews about SV24


Linux Magazin: Silver casket in a lovely shape Formschönes Silberkästchen

Linux Magazin
Issue 6/2002, pages 66,67
Silver casket

Conclusion: Shuttle Spacewalker SV24 is a device of lovely shape with compact and noble design. By its overall rich supply of interfaces, an expansion for firewire hard-disks or USB framegrabber-cards is possible despite of the lack of room. Our special praise is for the two USB-ports, the headset- and microphone line in. Simply practical. (...) 


Fazit: Shuttle Spacewalker SV24 ist ein formschönes Gerät, kompakt und edel im Design. Durch das überaus reichhaltige Schnittstellenangebot läßt es sich trotz Platzmangel erweitern, etwa mit Firewire-Festplatten oder USB-Framegrabber-Karten. Besonderes Lob verdient die Verlegung von zwei USB-Anschlüssen sowie Kopfhörer- und Mikrofonbuchse auf die Gehäusefront - einfach praktisch. (...)


Tom's Hardware Guide: Convincing, ultra-compact system Überzeugendes, ultrakompaktes System

Tom's Hardware Guide
December, 21st 2001


We show by the example of the Spacewalker barebone system, how to assemble an individual and ultra-compact PC without effort. (...) It offers connectors for network and digital video cameras (firewire). It was a pleasure for us to configure and mount this little Mini-PC. (...) The harddisk can be easily mounted in a special tray (...) the integrated S3 graphics comes with TV out (...) Conclusion: the new PC fashion is Maxi, but Mini! This ultra-compact barebone system convinced us. (...) Its nice aluminum case is an optical eyecatcher in contrast to the conventional and - above all - voluminous ones. Amazing is also the weight of the fully equipped PC system: almost 4.6 kilogram. Its volume even amounts to once a quarter of a comparable system. Thus, it competes both with a classical desktop system and with a modern notebook. (...) our DIY-PC-system based on Shuttle's SV24 kit is ideal for office use and can also be used for playback of DVD and MP3 files and for DVD ripping and encoding as well (...)


Chip Magazin: PC-Design can be elegant! PC-Design kann elegant sein!

Chip Magazine Germany
Issue March 2002, page 177
Aluwürfel: Shuttle beweist, dass PC-Design durchaus elegant sein kann ... ideal neben der Mini-HiFi-Anlage.

Aluminium cube: Shuttle proves, that PC design can be elegant, to the HIFI system. 


Computer Partner: Der Powerzwerg

Computer Partner Austria

Issue February 2002, page 15
The power-dwarf
Conclusion: This Spacewalker is an extra ordinary and high-quality solution for fans of room-saving. Whoever has a no tendency to permanent upgrading will love it. It is a real competitor to office midi-cases and notebooks. 

Der Powerzwerg
Fazit: Der Spacewalker ist eine originelle und qualitativ hochwertige Lösung für Platzsparmeister. Wer keinen Hang zum permanenten Aufrüsten hat, ist hier optimal bedient. Eine scharfe Konkurrenz für Office-Midigehäuse und auch Notebooks. Best piece of hardware....

February, 2nd 2002
The Ideal PC for Home Theatre or LAN parties. I'd have to say, this is the best piece of hardware I've bought for a long time. I've never liked integrated hardware on motherboards, but when you look at what is built onto this motherboard and you see how it performs i was amazed.

Pro's: The Size, Aluminum, Removable HD tray at rear, Thumbscrews, Very light, 2 Firewire ports, 2 USB ports on the front and 2 on the rear, Line-in and Line out ports on the front, Price, Portability, 10/100 LAN onboard, S-Video out


PC World Czech: Top-Product Award

PC World Czech
Issue 3/2002
PC World Top-Product award
On the whole the case made a big impression on us.

Highly appraised: aluminum design, compact size, connectivity, number of ports, FireWire port, 2 USB ports at front, 2 at the back, S-Video port
Appraised: Relatively easy to set up, nice box which can be used for carrying the computer around


Din Side Norway: Low Noise Mini-PC

Din Side, Norway
February, 12th 2002
Low Noise Mini-PC
(no translation available) Editor's Choice Award

Hardware-Test Denmark
January, 29th 2002
Conclusion: This BareBone, who they are called, is simply too awesome. It runs fast, doesn’t make high noise, and best of all, you can play Quake3 on it in 640x480 without too much of lag. It is really stable and got all the things onboard the mobtherboard. Another lovely thing is, that it is made out of aluminium, and therefore it doesn’t weight very much and looks a little more interesting than other cases. It is also very practical, cause you can just take it under your arm and walk other where with it - it’s an alternative to a portable computer. The BareBone is suitable for a office machine or think like that, cause it’s easy to mount and make ready for use, and it doesn’t either cost fortune to buy the hardware for it. It does look very pretty, and you got to stack 3 of them to get the same height as a midi tower case.

Pros: Stable, Looks nice, Unbelievably small, Runs well in games in an okay resolution, Made of aluminium, Onboard FireWire, Onboard TV-out, Onboard netkort


ITC Online Ukraine: Looks wonderful - everything built-in

ITC Online - Ukraine
January, 23th 2002
Conclusion: SV24 looks wonderful, works silently, everything built-in except modem


PC World Norge: Enough reasons to buy it...

PC World Norge
Issue 1/2002, page 20
Translation: Add the desired processor, harddisk and memory, and you will have a complete PC system. The case is pretty small - over all only 16cm height, 19cm width and 26,5cm depth. It is designed in silvergrey-metallic color and with silver buttons, this is reason enough for many people to buy this case. (...) Editor's Choice
January, 8th 2002
SV24 + C3 CPU: Editors Choice

The SV24/C3 combo is a match made in heaven. We've seen attractive PCs in the past but they're usually a little bigger that what we would like them to be. Shuttle manages to show some mighty impressive engineering with the SV24 by making it really compact and fully featured. What's really cool about the SV24 is that it doesn't market itself as a heavy duty PC and you're not going to buy it to get lightning frame rates in Quake 3. Which is why it makes perfect sense to add a C3 CPU inside it that will keep the box a lot more cooler than a Celeron or a P3. VIA has done a real good job with the C3, especially in the Price department. It's definitely the coolest CPU to enter t-break labs. We've heard reports of the C3 managing to run the Quake3 time-demo all night long WITHOUT a heat-sink. That is definitely saying something. We whole heartedly recommend the SV24 with a Cyrix C3 processor. We weren't disappointed and we know that you wont be either. Editor's Choice

HOT Hardware
December, 30th 2001
Editor's Choice

At the end of testing out the SV-24 Mini Barebones System, we couldn't help but be fascinated at how the folks at Shuttle managed to get so much into such a small system. Creating a system that is no larger than a shoe box without sacrificing too much in performance is nothing short of an engineering wonder. Through out the testing of this product we found that the SV-24 offered an awful lot in such a small package. With the integration of such key features like Fire wire, LAN and TV-Out, this system truly offers the enthusiast a system that will be useful for some time to come. At an MSRP of #250, the SV-24 is a steal. If you were to build a simple workstation/server rig with similar features, you could easily exceed that cost by #100 or more. In the near future Shuttle will be offering newer versions of the mini barebones system with both Athlon and Pentium 4 support. (...) we feel that the new SV-24 Mini Barebones System is an excellent product. With an innovative design that doesn't skimp on quality and features, the SV-24 offers the user a lot of flexibility to customize this system in a way that will suite their needs.


PCBee Korea: Popular Model Award

PCBee Korea
January, 11th 2002
Shuttle SV24 won "Popular Model in 2001" award from PCB! One of the most versatile System

DSLl/Cable Webserver
December, 28th 2001
Possible uses of the SV24 include serving as a portable LAN gaming box, a home entertainment MP3 or DVD server, workstation in an nice office, or a home webserver. I'm sure that you can think of many instances where the SV24 would be preferable over a regular PC based on its size and style. (...) The entire frame is made of aluminum, not just the outer case and face plate. Just by holding the case, I was surprised at how easy it is to pick up the computer and move it around. (...) Measuring at 178 mm X 190 mm, this board is tiny considering how many integrated components are on board. (...) The SV24 comes in a very nice retail box with the name "Spacewalker" on it. (...) A nice surprise that I found in the retail package was a low profile heatsink (...) Speaking of video, the picture quality from the TV out was pretty decent and looked good on my 36 inch Sony Wega television. (...) In fact, I didn't have a single lockup or crash while running Windows 2000 on this computer. (...) This reliability is probably due to the fact that many of the peripherals are all integrated onto the motherboard and designed to work together. (...) All in all, the SV24 is a cool little machine that will serve you well in a variety of situations. (...) Sure, you could build your own box, but could you do it for cheaper and make it look as cool? I don't think so. (...) Instead of taking us down the long and straight road of faster performance, the SV24 tries to break free from our traditional views of what a computer is supposed to do, and moves into a new way of looking at computing. The SV24 isn't the fastest or the most powerful computer out there, but it certainly must be one of the most versatile.


PC PowerZone U.K.: Overall 9 out of 10

PC Powerzone (U.K.)
December, 30th 2001
Overall rating: 9 out of 10.
I like the SV24 a lot, it's very stylish, small and useful. It's not very good for 3D games but if you install an all-in-one drive such as the RICOH MP9200-DP which is a combined CD-RW and DVD-ROM drive, you have a very useful little machine indeed. You could use it for writing CD's, listening to music, watching DVD's, surfing the 'net, etc. etc. this could be for you. If desk space is tight and you're not really into 3D games - this could be just the ticket! If you're looking for a backup second system or maybe one for the kids - the SV24 should be on your shortlist for sure!

The good: Amazingly small footprint - about A4 size, brushed aluminium case, highly integrated, 4 USB ports, on-board FireWire, inexpensive for what it is, supports UDMA100, very light, could carry it anywhere, excellent DVD playback, the 'fun' factor!


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