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Standard version (silver), XIB-Version (black)

  • Mini aluminum barebone-system
  • Socket 478 supports 400/533/800FSB and Hyper-Threading
  • Chipset: ATI Radeon 9100 IGP (RS300), IXP 150
  • Low noise by ICE-Heatpipe cooling and quite power supply
  • 2x Serial-ATA Raid (0,1), 10/100 network (RJ45)
  • 1x AGP (4X/8X), 1x PCI, 2x DDR400/333/266/200, 6x USB 2.0
  • 6-channel-audio with SPDIF in/out
  • 6 in 1 Card Reader (CF I/II, MMC, MS, SD, SM)
  • S-Video out  (NTSC/PAL), FireWire 400
  • New: Prescott support since BOM version 14



Press reviews about ST61G4

Subchapters: Gamers Choice Silver Award
13. July 2004
Conclusion: I have a lot of good things to say about the ST61G4. In point of fact it’s been one of the primary computers I’ve used for a while now. When coupled with a 3.4 GHz Extreme Edition and a 9800XT I was able to play every game released so far on the computer. Far Cry runs like a dream on this system and looks as good as I’ve seen the game run with the 9800XT. Integrated graphics performance on the ST61G4 is sufficient for most casual users. (...) For the hard core gamer I would suggest a X800 Pro in this system as it easily fits in the case and operates with the 250W power supply provided with the ST61G4. This will allow you to play the games coming out shortly (Doom 3 and Half Life 2) with the highest possible performance (...) Thankfully, I ran into no issues in the last month of using the ST61G4 with a 9800XT and a 3.4 GHz P4 Extreme Edition. The 250W power supply is sufficient to run the small unit and the video card which is a good thing. The unit provides all of the expandability that you will need for a ordinary user. (...) I can think of no better testament to this unit than that I’ve actually used it on my desk with a 9800XT for over a month as my primary PC. While there have been many motherboards and video cards tested in that month, the system I game on and use every day is the ST61G4 or ST62K. Really great SFF system
16. Sept. 2004
Conclusion: All together it is a really great SFF system with a nice and clear design, which will look nice in each living room. (...) The positive of the Shuttle ST61G4 is clearly its [low] noise and the cooling. Tweak'O meter rating of 90% (Denmark)
22. August. 2004
Conclusion: (...) ST61G4 is great in your living room, combined with the TV-Out feature. This way you can view your favourite movies from the couch, using the Shuttle. The performance of ST61G4 can be quite good, depending on which hardware you install. The possibilities are present; it’s just a matter of finances. ST61G4 does in fact provide a port for a full feature graphics card to be installed, transforming the little cube into a powered gaming machine. (...)

Shuttle XPC ST61G4 pulls the Tweak'O meter to 90 points. This is for the smart and cool design, and the incredible noiseless operation you get. (...)


Com!: Square-sized, fast and silent

Com! Germany
issue 4/2004
Shuttle reduced the noise level with the ZEN XPC.

The ZEN XPC SFF barebone from Shuttle goes well with a cool designer living room.


Twoje PC Poland: Low-noise and sophisticated design

Twoje PC Poland
1. April 2004
The XPC ST61G4 offers AGP slot and is a perfect choice for all the 3D effect enthusiasts, who profess that "small is beautiful". This barebone has an option of upgrading with external VGA, however, in this case, the graphics will be more efficient... This XPC is a really silent one: both coolers: radiator from the ICE and on the north bridge are low-noise. Shuttle XPC ST61G4 offers even more sophisticated design of the chasis including mirror elements. Silent and efficient, also with support of fast Dual DDR memory. Of also offers AGP extension option.


PC Magazine Romania: Record of the month

PC Magazine Romania
Issue 4/2004
Comparison test for MiniPCs: a complete system based on XPC ST61G4 won the "Record of the month" award for the office section.

Translation: "XPC Office is the second system bult by a non-Intel chipset, the award "Record of the month" being more important for that reason. Serving the slogan "risk and win", the Shuttle specialists has used an Ati 9100 IGP chipset."


Personal Computer World: Is as good as ever

Personal Computer World
issue March 2004

Shuttle the pioneer of SFF (Small Form Factor) PC, constantly upgrades its series of small PCs either by adding more features or by using different chipsets to keep one step ahead of the ever growing competition. (...)
Housed in the usual aluminium Shuttle case, but with a totally new front bezel, the ST61G4 offers the integrated package you come to expect from the SFF design. (...) The new style of bezel really sets the ST61G4 apart from all the cube PCs out there; it´s dominated by a full-width chrome panel, which makes the whole thing look very stylish. (...)
The processor is cooled by Shuttle´s own heatpipe design and, despite an 8cm case fan and a northbridge fan, the ST61G4 is still whisper quiet. (...)
Despite its size, Shuttle´s ST61G4 could and should form the basis of a fast PC, which will easily equal most full-size desktops.

Verdict: Often limitated, rarely bettered, Shuttle´s new SFF barebones system is a good as ever!

+ Build quality
+ integrated features


Metku Mods: Editor's Choice Award

Metku Mods
5. April 2004

Editor's Choice Award
Just wanted to compare the original with the modded one. There seems to be a huge difference between the two images but we all know how easily it can be done with right tools and materials. Great way to improve the appearance of these already stylish XPCs:


AnandTech: The new champion of quiet  America
23rd Jan. 2004
Tiny Computer with Big Integrated Video 
The front of the attractive XPC G4 case is mirrored (...) The on/off and reset switches and lights float like little jewels on the mirrored front panel. (...) Shuttle has cleverly designed additional cooling into the new XPC chassis. (...) Recent Shuttle SFF designs have made excellent use of the small real estate in the SFF chassis, and the ST61 motherboard continues that tradition. In general, layout is excellent and connectors are easy to reach. It is worth mentioning that Shuttle is now pre-wiring all the SFF cabling - including the hard drive connectors. This adds to the convenience for the SFF builder or end-user. (...)

With the new G4 chassis, Shuttle claims that they have reached new levels of quiet. Since Shuttle is famous for their quiet SFF systems, we were particularly interested in how the ST61G4 stacks up in quietness to recent SFF systems that we have reviewed. (...)

The ST61G4 certainly matches Shuttle's claims. It is the new champion of quiet. The redesign of the ICE cooling system and the new Silent X power supply clearly work very well in keeping normal operation to very quiet levels. Compared to the earlier Shuttle design, the G4 chassis is 4 to 10db quieter. This means that the new features for quieter operation are working very well indeed. (...)

In the end, we can definitely recommend the ST61G4 if you are looking for an integrated graphics solution - it's currently the best integrated graphics performance that you can buy for a Pentium 4.
(...) As a new chassis, we consider the G4 a tremendous success with Shuttle, once again, the quietest SFF that we have tested.


Chip: XPC mit exklusiver Ausstattung

Chip Deutschland
Ausgabe März 2004
(...) Mit S-ATA, fest eingebautem 6-in-1 Cardreader und S-Video-Ausgang kommt man in den Genuss exklusiver Ausstattung. Auch lärmmäßig gehört das ST61G4 mit 2,5 Sone zu den angenehmeren Geräten. (...)

Fazit ST61G4:

Hier erwartet Sie die beste Onboard-Grafik - ideal für sparsame Gelegenheitszocker ohne High-end-Anspruch

Fazit gesamt:

(...) Überhaupt merkt man es den XPC Würfeln an, das Shuttle den Job schon ein Weilchen macht. (...) Aber sie liefern das rundeste Konzept mit den wenigsten Schwächen und wissen, wie man mögliche Stolpersteine umgeht (...).


Tom's Hardware Guide: Shuttle ST61G4 mit ATI-Chipsatz für P4

Tom's Hardware Guide

2. Januar 2004

January, 7th 2004

(...) Bei den Verkaufszahlen liegt der Begründer und Erfinder des Mini-Barebone-Konzepts - Shuttle - mit Abstand in Führung. Kein Hersteller bietet ein größeres Portfolio an Mini-Modellen für nahezu jeden Geschmack an. (...)

(...) Gute Verarbeitung im Frontbereich. (...)

Das dritte Barebone von Shuttle [ST61G4] im Rahmen dieses Vergleichstests basiert auf dem brandneuen ATI RS300 Chipsatz und bietet somit eine leistungsfähige onboard-Grafik. (...) Definitiv befindet sich unter der Gehäusehaube das gleiche mechanische Grundgerüst wie bei allen XPC-Barebones - enge Passungstoleranzen und eine gute Verarbeitungsqualität. (...) Es gibt Features en masse: 6-Kanal-Audio, digitale (optisch) und analoge Audioein- und Ausgänge, Netzwerk, Fire Wire und USB 2.0. Hervorzuheben ist der TV-Ausgang mit guter Signalqualität, so dass der Mini-PC als DVD-Spieler oder Divx-Player herhalten kann. (...)

English Version

(...) In sales figures, the founder and originator of the mini-bare-bones concept - Shuttle - is well in the lead. No manufacturer offers a larger portfolio of mini-models for almost every taste. (...)

(...) Good workmanship in the front. (...)

(...)The third bare-bones from Shuttle in this comparative test is based on the brand-new ATI RS300 chipset and thus offers powerful onboard graphics. (...) Finally, under the cover is the same basic mechanical structure as with all XPC-bare-bones - narrow tolerances and good workmanship. (...), there are features en masse: 6-channel audio, digital (optical) and analog audio in- and outputs, network, FireWire and USB 2.0. The TV output with good signal quality, allowing the mini-PC to function as a DVD or Divx player, is worthy of notice. (...)


PC Professionell: Sehr gut und Empfehlung der Redaktion

PC Professionell Deutschland
Ausgabe Nr. 2/2004, ab Seite 90

Beste Wertung (91,4%) im Vergleich von 9 Mini-Barebones

"Ohne jede Einschränkung in Funktion und Leistung: Mini-PCs erobern Büros und Wohnzimmer. (...) Das Shuttle-Barebone überzeugt auf ganzer Linie: Die Ausstattung ist die beste im Test, das ausgereifte Gehäusekonzept mit Heatpipe-System sorgt zudem für leisen Betrieb. Die integrierte ATI-Grafik des ST61G4 macht sogar schnelle Grafikkarten überflüssig."

ST61G4 erhielt Platz 1 in folgenden Kategorien:
+ Gesamtwertung
+ Ausstattung
+ Ergonomie
+ 3D-Performance integrierte Grafik
+ Service
+ Lautstärke bei Vollast
+ höchste Netzteil-Leistung im Test (250W)

Fazit: Beste Ausstattung und sehr gute Leistung


Best rating (91.4%) in comparison with 9 Mini Barebones

"The Shuttle barebone convinces in every respect: it is the best- equipped system in this round-up. In addition, the well-engineered case design with heatpipe cooling system leads to low operating noise. Due to the integrated ATI graphics of the ST61G4 a fast graphics card is even unnecessary."

ST61G4 obtains rank 1 in the following categories:
+ Overall rating
+ Equipment
+ Ergonomy
+ 3D performance of the integrated graphics
+ Service
+ Low noise under full load
+ Highest performance of power supply (250W)

Conclusion: Best equipped and very good performance


Hardware IRC: Very quiet and efficient

Hardware Italian Resource Center
"It's out of any doubt that the new XPC line of products is extremely innovative and interesting (and cool); the advanced technical solutions adopted don't make you desire to want back the 'old' desktop. On the technical side, over the good RS300 chipset (which has a very good integrated graphics core), it provides an excellent power supply unit and an outstanding cooling system: very quiet and efficient.

+ Small Form Factor
+ Cool design
+ Intelligent and efficient cooling system
+ Powerful PSU
+ Good memory card readers
+ Maniacal care for particulars
+ Very good integrated graphics performance

Es besteht kein Zweifel, dass die neue XPC Produktlinie äußerst innovativ und interessant (und cool) ist; durch die fortgeschrittenen, technichen Lösungen wünscht man sich keinen alten, grauen Tower mehr. Auf der technischen Seite, ist ein guter RS3000 Chipsatz (welcher einen sehr gut integrierten Grafikkern hat) enthalten, dieser sorgt für ein ausgezeichnetes Netzteil und ein hervorragendes Kühlsystem: sehr leise und effizient.

+ Small Form Factor
+ Cooles Design
+ Intelligentes und effizientes Kühlsystem
+ Starke PSU 
+ Gute Memory-Card-Reader
+ Scharf ins kleinste Detail augearbeitet
+ Sehr gute integrierte Grafik-Performance


ExtremeTech: Silent, even under the worst load

16. Dezember 2003

In many ways, Shuttle Computer Group can be credited with the recent explosion in small form factor PCs. (...) Shuttle continues to tweak their industrial design and, in this respect, their latest XPC is a winner. (...)


Shuttle's new XPC ST6IG4 is a great barebones small form factor PC. It's quiet, stylish, solidly built, and has a good feature set including SATA RAID. The ATI chipset used is really a curious beast. It's definitely got the best integrated graphics on the market -- so if that's your main focus, it's definitely the SFF system for you. If you plan to use an add-in graphics card, there are still a few things to really like about the XPC. Digital optical input and output is a nice touch, as is SATA RAID. In these smaller units, noise is of particular concern -- and this one really keeps its voice down, even under the worst load. (...)


Popular Science USA: Media Center PC seeks loving home

Popular Science USA
world's largest science and technology magazine - February 2004 edition


TBreak: "Editors Choice"
27. November 2003

The ST61G4 is another good XPC by Shuttle. It's performance is quite comparable to Intel's 865 and 875 chipset solutions when using AGP cards. However, when it comes to the performance of the IGP, the ST61G4 leaves the the competition in the dust. The way we look at it, if you're a demanding user that likes to overclock and will surely use an AGP card, then the Intel solution would probably be a better buy as they overclock higher and perform a little better. However, if you're looking for an integrated solution for your second PC or your living room, then the ST61G4 will work out much better. In fact, its killer looks will definitely put a spark in your living room.


Barebone Center: Gute Performance mit integrierter Grafik

Barebone Center
20. Januar 2004
Was kommt heraus, wenn man Eleganz mit Leistung und Flair mit Intel bzw. ATI kombiniert? - Richtig ein Shuttle XPC ST61G4. (...) Optisch hat uns Shuttle wieder einen Leckerbissen präsentiert. (...) Es ist nicht verwunderlich, dass dieser XPC sich sehr gut in das Flair eines Wohnzimmers einfügen kann. Das soll auch das erklärte Marktsegment - besonders der "G4-Front"-Shuttles sein. 

Der ST61G4 Barebone ist wie üblich sehr gut verarbeitet. (...) Positiv fällt auf, dass das Netzteil, jetzt mit sinnvoll dimensionierter und durchdachter Lüftung (2x 40x40x20mm Lüfter), schön leise arbeitet - so wie es sich für einen MiniPC gehört. (...)


+ gute Ausstattung
+ guter Onboard-Sound
+ stabiler Bertrieb möglich
+ geringe Geräuschentwicklung
+ 6-in1 Cardreader
+ starkes, leises Netzteil
+ gute Performance mit integrierter Grafik  


SFFTech: The ST61G4 is a fantastic choice

30. November 2003


(...) However, if you're looking for quiet, cool operation, (...), the ST61G4 is a fantastic choice. Whether you’re looking for a quiet desktop system, or are planning on building a home theater SFF, the ST61G4 certainly won’t disappoint you. This machine seems like an obvious contender for a fantastic HTPC, given its superior on-board video, extreme quiet operation, and low temperature levels. Couple that with an integrated 6-in-1 media card reader, and you’ve got what would amount to one heck of a home theater SFF. (...),  you are getting the hands-down most superior on-board video solution available today. Couple that with the ST61G4’s new SilentX power supply and G4 series case design, and you’ve got one unique small form factor system. At the end of the day, the ST61G4 performs reasonably well compared to competing SFF’s and with the 9100IGP, dominates in on-board video performance. All this plus the new G4 series case design and SilentX PSU which have propelled the ST61G4 to being the quietest and coolest SFF we’ve ever tested. Once again, hats off to Shuttle for releasing an SFF based on the new ATI RS300 chipset so quickly. For those who are looking to take the ATI plunge, or are just looking for a quiet, cool SFF, you won’t be disappointed by the ST61G4. Guter Streich von ATI, perfekt abgerundet von Shuttle: 96% Deutschland
18. Dez. 2003
Empfehlung der Redaktion

Das ist nun einmal eine Tatsache, Barebones sind der Renner. Sie sind klein, sie sind praktisch und fast genau so gut ausgestattet wie normale PCs. Wenn man sich die kommenden Modelle, oder das heutige von den technischen Daten ansieht, wird man bemerken, das es ihnen an nichts fehlt. (...) 

Ladies und Gentleman, wir präsentieren euch die derzeit schnellste on Board [Grafik-]Lösung, die es derzeit auf dem Markt gibt. Anhand der 3D Mark 2003 Messungen konnten wir den schnellsten AGP Wert ermitteln, unabhängig von der CPU. (...)

(...)  Mainboard: Das Board ist sehr gut gelungen, alle Komponenten sind vorhanden, die Bestückung und on Board Wahl sehr gut. Mit dem ATI Chipsatz hat man sich auf jeden Fall einen Gefallen getan. Mit Sound, Lan und guter Grafik on Board hat es alles was man braucht. Neu ist SATA, Raid fähig. ) (...)
Performance: (...) die gute Grafik war eigentlich ein Pflichtprogramm für ATI. Mit einer kleinen zusätzlichen ATI 9600 pro haben wir es mit einem High End Barebone zu tun. Aber auch ohne Grafikkarte reicht die on Board Lösung zum Spielen aus. (...)

Unsere Meinung: Ein sehr guter Streich von ATI, perfekt abgerundet von Shuttle!

Layout: 100%
Ausstattung/Zubehör: 90%
Bios: 90%
on Board Chip: 95%
Performance: 100%
Preis: 100%
Urteil: 95,83%

Editors Choice
Our opinion: A very good job from ATI, perfect realized from Shuttle!
Ladies and Genleman - we present the fastest onboard graphics, which is currently available on the market. (...) no surprise that the integrated graphics performed well. With an additional ATI 9600 we will get a highend barebone solution. But even without graphics card, the onboard solution will be sufficient for gaming. (...)

Layout: 100%
Equipment/Accessory: 90%
BIOS: 90%
onboard Chip: 95%
Performance: 100%
Value: 100%
Final conclusion: 95.83%


Clubic: One of the most modern and powerful Mini-PCs

24. November 2003


(...) Shuttle ST61G4 counts among Mini-PCs to the most powerful and most modern ones of the moment. Shuttle moreover allowed some small modifications which we had already been able to try out on the model for Athlon 64 like the integrated card reader memory or the change of design. The equipment was also improved (double ventilation) and as a whole this model breathes works well done (...). (...)



Hardwareluxx: Ideal als Wohnzimmer-PC zu verwenden
23. November 2003
(...) die Ausstattung [ist] natürlich wie immer bei den Shuttle XPCs sehr gut - ein ordentlicher, qualitativ hochwertiger Onboard-Sound wird geboten, weiterhin finden wir Firewire, USB 2.0, Serial ATA und einen 10/100mbit Ethernet. (...) Finally ist die Verarbeitung insgesamt sehr gut (...) die Verarbeitung des Shuttle XPCs ist sehr viel besser [als beim Abit DigiDice] und auch die Geräuschentwicklung sehr viel angenehmer. Den ATI-Cube hört man mit integrierter Grafik praktisch nicht, nur ein leichtes Lüftergeräusch ist zu vernehmen. (...) Unser Szenario für den Einsatz des ST61G4 ist eindeutig der Wohnzimmer-PC unter Nutzung der integrierten Grafik. Der ST61G4 ist sehr leise, er besitzt genügend Leistung zum DVD-Abspielen, mp3-Hören und andere Anwendungen, mit der integrierten Grafik lässt sich durchaus auch mal ein Spielchen wagen. (...)

+ Gute Performance mit integrierter Grafik im Vergleich zum i865G 
+ Gute Ausstattung 
+ qualitativ guter Onboard-Sound 
+ Gute Stabilität 
+ geringe Geräuschentwicklung 
+ 6in1-Cardreader im Lieferumfang

Pros: (Translation)
+ good graphics performance compared to i865G
+ good equipped
+ high quality onboard sound
+ good stability
+ low noise
+ 6in1 cardreader build in


VTR-Hardware: Editor's choice award

21. November 2003


(...) The installation of the components occurs well, the performances are good, it is beautiful, marvellously silent , the pure happiness!!! Moreover, it's no doubt the best integrated system for the most powerful and modern Intel processor at this time. It is a pleasure for us to award the Shuttle ST61G4 our VTR-Hardware award!

Editor's choice!


Mainboard ST61
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