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  • Mini-Aluminium-Barebone-System
  • Socket 478 supports 400/533FSB
    (no Prescott support)
  • As of version 2.0: Hyper-Threading-Support
  • Chipsatz: SiS 651(B) / SiS 962
  • Low noise with ICE-Heatpipe-Cooling
  • 1x AGP (4X), 1x PCI (for simultaneous use)
  • 2x DDR333/266/200, 6x USB 2.0
  • 6-Channel-Audio, LAN, Firewire and many more features


Press reviews about SS51G

HXOS Greece: The XPC surpassed the expectations!

HXOS Magazine Greece
Sound and HiFi Magazine
Press release in Greek

"Digital...from the disc to the pojection screen. One system with concept that exceeds and differentiates from the ones that can be found in the market, putting our magazine in the first position in the image market. One proposal that will be discussed... Can your projector stand it? "
It obtains rating 1A for the Wife Approval Factor (WAF, or how much your Mrs is going to like it).


Taiwan 2003 Symbol of Excellence Winner

2003 Symbol of Excellence Winner
Compact, light, stylish - the attractive blue front panel makes you fall in love with it at first sight. Looks like a CD duplicator, but in fact it's an all-in-one fully functional mini barebone system. SS51G is considered to be the most smallest, and powerful system. With flexible upgradeability to integrate "glow in the dark" Electro-Luminescent front panel and changeable colored faceplates from a choices of green, blue (standard) or red, the stylish SS51G will surely take your breath away.Features and design - Packed with build-in high performance 3D graphics engine, 6 channel audio (with fiber optical SPDIF in & out ports), LAN, IEEE 1394 firewire, one AGP slot for high-end VGA card upgradeability, one PCI slot, DDR333 memory support, socket478 533MHz FSB CPU support, ATA-133 IDE interface, optional parallel port, optional TV-out/DVI support and onboard USB 2.0. Combining latest state of the art technologies and integrated all these abundance features into one small box, all the great features is at your finger tips, you cannot ask for more. SS51G is not just cool and quiet but also at the same time retains its overall system performance and stability - world-first Shuttle I.C.E. heat-pipe technology combines with revolutionary 3 phase CPU temperature AutoGuardian smart fan feature makes SS51G XPC very cool and ultra quiet. This positioned SS51G XPC far far ahead of traditional PCs. Shuttle SS51G XPC is the best choice to take you to a brand new horizon. SS51G is the word.


PC Pro U.K.: Perfect antidote to boring desktop blues!

PC Pro magazine U.K.
November 2002
VERDICT: Scorching looks, amazing features and excellent performance. The SS51G is the perfect antidote to boring desktop blues.

(...) When we first reviewed the SS50, we were amazed at the number of features Shuttle managed to pack into the tiny chassis. Incredibly, though, the SS51G's feature set is even better. The FlexATX Pentium 4 motherboard uses the SiS651 chipset, which boasts key changes such as support for PC2700 memory and Intel's latest Pentium 4 CPUs with a 533MHz front side bus.

One complaint we had about the SS50 was that it was noisy, mainly due to the huge Pentium 4 cooler. Shuttle has tackled this with a new ICE (Integrated Cooling Engine) heatpipe system that uses the PSU fan to provide cooling without the need for a separate CPU fan, significantly reducing noise.

Perhaps the most important new feature, though, is an AGP 4x slot, which can accommodate a typical AGP graphics card. There's still the option to use the integrated SiS315 graphics chip too, which will be fine for normal 2D use. Shuttle has recognised the need to provide modern outputs by including a partnering AGP card with DVI, S-Video and composite video outputs. (...)

The Shuttle XPC SS51G proves that small dimensions don't necessarily mean restricted performance or features. The issue with the GeForce4 Ti and PC2700 is a concern, but the XPC's mix of features and style is compelling. 


PC World Mikro YU: Kann sich ändern wie ein Chamäleon

PC World Mikro Yugoslawia
issue Nov. 2002, page 108

Unlike other Barebone systems, Spacewalker SS51G System is a true chameleon. It’s mask can easily be changed to suit any room or table color. Functionality on the other hand is still there. It has 5.25” and 3.5” drive bay, audio and firewire plugs at both, rear and front sides. It has competitive speed, reasonable price, and the most important thing is that you will not have to listen to noisy processor and case fans any more


PC Magazine Belgium: Wunderdose mit AGP - a true powermachine

PC Magazine Belgium
Issue Sept/2002 page 21,22

Artikel auch online erschienen bei:
ZDNet Reviews
18. September 2002

Translation: The Shuttle SpaceWalker SS51G is the most compact and complete mini-pc with AGP-slot, and presents itself as a true powermachine.


PC Magazin GR: Empfehlung der Redaktion 

PC Magazin Griechenland
Ausgabe Nov/2002, Seite 44, 45
Vergleich zwischen Shuttle SS51G und STB7000

Editor's Choice Award

Although it is small and portable, it can become one of the most powerful PCs you can buy. Installing a high Frequency Pentium 4 CPU and a Radeon 9700 VGA, this small miracle can beat many of those full tower PCs. And it is very quiet indeed due to the special cooler for the CPU and case.


Maximum PC: "Gear of the year" annual award

MaximumPC USA
Issue October 2002

SS51G won Maximum PC's "Gear of the year" annual award:

"Not all products fit neatly into a single, specific category. So we created a new one for all the orphans, hybrids and hardware freaks that win our hearts throughout the year. And this year, there's no better example than the Shuttle SS51. Is it a case? Is it a mini-PC? Is it a bare-bones system? Is it a PC in Mac-drag? 
Well, it's a little of all those things and a whole lot more. In a feat of ingenious PC origami, the Shuttle group managed to make enough space in it's tiny cube for a 4x AGP slot, onboard USB 2.0 and a 533 Mhz bus. Want a portable Lan party cube? Throw in your Radeon 9700! Need a home entertainment center? Add a DVD-Rom and wire it up with 5.1s. Plus, the Shuttle is stackable, if you're into that Swedish furniture aesthetic. (received a 9 verdict and Kick Ass award in October 2002)" Silver Award Pro

PC Tuning Czech
2. Nov. 2002
Silver Award Pro

Innovation, elegance + good performance Excellent Product Award

Hardware-Test Denmark
17. Oct. 2002
It is without hesitation I award the SS51G our "Excellent Award"
  • External AGP and PCI port
  • The integrated technologies
  • The internal and external design
  • The ports/jacks on the front
  • Integrated graphics
  • You can take out the unit-holder
  • Well though-out high quality product

Shuttle has done it again! Their SS51G is an impressive piece of hardware; good looking, cool, clever, full of features and very compact. Onboard features include six-channel sound, 10/100Mbit LAN, FireWire, USB2.0, optical in/out and SiS315 VGA. This makes the SS51G superior compared to most (maybe even everyone) mainboards on the market, when it comes to features. (...) The SS51G has an external AGP port, which makes you able of putting some raw 3D power inside it. This is a real advantage if you are into some of the new games. The barebones can now appeal to gamers, which is why I really can’t criticize the SS51G for a rather slow 3D chip. (...)

When it comes to the design the SS51G surpasses former barebones. It looks professional, but also kind of cool. This isn’t n object that needs to be hidden under the desk, but it should rather be shown off to your friends. Shuttle has been improving their barebone design through the years and the SS51G is the result of this. Almost everywhere you look at the barebone you are going to find some in/out ports, especially on the front of it. I found it very luxurious that your can plug-in your earphones, microphone, a headset, USB units, Firewire units and optical on the front. (...) the internal design is very compact! Luckily you can take out the unit holder so you can install the RAM and IDE cables without a hitch. The CPU cooler is incredibly easy to remove, efficient and silent. The BIOS is quite good and I especially liked the “FAN speed up” function. (..) 

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