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Carrying Bag for XPC (PF9, PF40)

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Model PF9 (phased out) Model PF40

Internal Order Number: PCZ-PF090


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11. Jan. 2003

Overall rating 9/10

+ Protects your PC while in transit
+ Looks stylish
+ Good hard protective material

So how do we carry her?
With the recent increase of Small Form Factor (SFF) PC's and LAN party events, Shuttle have created a carry bag to store your bits and pieces in. When attending a LAN party there is always the possibility of damaging your PC by moving it from venue to venue. Since Shuttle have realised these risks they have came up with a bag which can safely store most of your PC hardware.

The weight of a Shuttle PC with your HD, CD drive, etc... soon starts to mount up so the bag needed to be strong enough to hold all of this and your peripherals. It is made from a fine nylon in a reflective silver and black design. The bag also comes with a shoulder strap which has rubber on 1 side and more silver reflective material on the other. This helps the strap to stop in place on your shoulder when carrying it to your LAN party. The shoulder strap is removable via 2 catches at each side of the bag. Earlier models these were made of plastic and had known faults to break. Shuttle have now replaced the plastic clips with strong metal clips. 

There are a total of 4 small pockets in the bag. 2 end pockets, 1 front pocket and 1 mesh pocket on the inside of the bag. These are designed to fit mini keyboards, mice, power leads and your tooth brush. (Unfortunately there isn't space for some cans of lager).

After placing your Shuttle PC into the bag there is a zip and a plastic catch on the outside of the bag to keep the PC securely stored. OK then, when's the next LAN party......? :)



Carrying Bag/Backpack
Carrying Bag

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