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  • Mini aluminum barebone system
  • Socket 478 supports 400/533FSB and Hyper-Threading
    (no Prescott support)
  • Chipset: Intel 845GE / ICH4
  • Low noise with ICE-Heatpipe Cooling
  • 1x AGP (4X), 1x PCI, 2x DDR333/266/200, 6x USB 2.0
  • 6 Channel audio, LAN, Firewire and many more
New: XIB-Version

Black case-
Version available
(Order No. SB51G1)


Neon-Edition - Limited Edition of SB51G

What is the Neon Edition?

It is a special edition of the popular XPC model SB51G, available in 5 stylish neon colors:

  • dark blue
  • light blue
  • yellow
  • pink
  • red

This a perfect basis to build up a powerful and versatile mini-PC system that fulfils individual requests for style

The practical carrying box contains the already pre-mounted SB51G system with some extra accessories:

  • XPC SB51G
  • Colored case cover
  • Colored front sheet
  • Color Face Plate  PF11
  • Carrying bag PF9
  • Accessories (cables, manual, CD...)

Concerning the front design, the proudly Neon XPC owner has a large assortment of designs:

either he likes the case cover and front discreetly in the same color...

or he chooses the cool EL Lamp Face Plate - an eyecatcher on every LAN-Party for sure!

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