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How do I install RAID devices driver during new Windows 2000/XP

Before installing Windows 2000/XP, please extract the High Point IDE RAID driver from our download page to an empty floppy disk. Follow the following procedure to install RAID driver during the initial OS install setup :

  • 1. Boot up from CD-ROM with Win2000/XP CD
  • 2. The message " Press F6 if you need to install a third party SCSI or RAID driver..." will appear at the bottom of the initial OS setup screen. Press <F6> few time in order to install RAID driver prior Windows200/XP installation.
  • 3. When the "Windows 2000/XP Setup" window is generated, press "S" to Specify Additional Devices.
  • 4. Insert the Windows 2000/XP RAID driver floppy disk in drive A: and press <Enter> key.
  • 5 Highlight "Hpt370/372 IDE RAID Controller for WinXP" then press <Enter> key
  • 6. Press "S" to use the driver on floppy 
  • 7. If you need to specify any additional devices to be installed, do so at this time.
  • 8. Once all RAID/SCSI devices are specified and respective driver installed continue with Win2000/XP installation.

Note: During the rest of Win2000/XP installation, you will see messages stating that "Hpt370/372 ... not passing Windows Logo testing...", please press yes to continue.

System hang while using Advance Sound Manager's Realtek AP

When I use Advance Sound Manager’s Realtek AP (AvRack) under programs file to play VCD, then my system hang. How can it be solved?

  • 1. Please download this Realtek AP patch file.
  • 2. 2. After that, please unzip the patch file and find the following location: In Windows operating system: please go to my computer => Local Disk (Ex: C:\) => Program Files (Ex: C:\Program Files) => AvRack (Ex: C:\Program Files\AvRack)
  • 3. Finally, move (copy) the new AP patch file into the AvRack folder. Click “Yes” when the message box asks overwrite (replace) the original file.

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