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Mainboard AB30, AB30R

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Picture: AB30R
here with RAID function

Picture: CPU socket and
Northbridge with passive cooler

Press reviews about AB30

Subchapters: "Der Sieger des i845-Duells heißt Shuttle."
25. Oct. 2001
Der Sieger dieses i845-Duells heißt Shuttle. Das Mainboard bietet neben einem für P4-Mainboard-Verhältnisse sehr günstigen Preis ein durchdachtes Design und gute Ausstattung. (...) Shuttle bietet mit dem AB30R ein stabiles, gut ausgestattetes und günstiges Mainboard auf Basis des i845-SDRAM-Chipsatzes von Intel an. (...) Gerade in diesem Preissegment findet sich selten ein Pentium 4 Mainboard mit dieser Ausstattung und durchdachtem Design. Das Shuttle hat sich durch diese Vorzüge den Hartware- Redaktionstipp verdient!

The winner of this i845-comparison is "Shuttle". This mainboard offers a very low price (for a P4 mainboard), is well designed and has good features. (...) The board is stable, feature-rich, cheap and is based on Intels 845-chipset. (...) You will hardly find another well-designed P4-board with these features for such a low price. This is the reason, that Shuttles AB30 earned our Editor's choice.


Active Hardware: "High Grade Hardware Award"

Active Hardware
27. Dez. 2001
High Grade Hardware Award

(...) the Shuttle AB30R is still quite an interesting beast indeed. Its integrated RAID controller, and C-Media CMI8738 audio-chip make it very versatile (...) "Rating 4 of 5: Best Buy Award"

1. Oct. 2001
Rating 4 of 5: Best Buy Award
  • Decent Performance
  • The latest i845 chipset
  • Onboard IDE RAID
  • Onboard C-Media 6-Channel Sound
  • Uses Standard SDRAM
  • Memory Timing Adjustments
  • FSB and Multiplier Adjustments

The AB30R is worth considering if you're after a i845 motherboard with decent performance, IDE Raid and good sound ...


Legion Hardware: "..excellent performance results..."

Legion Hardware
Czech version:
22. Oct. 2001
I feel the Shuttle AB30/R also deserves some credit for its excellent performance results (...) The best value board would have to be the Shuttle AB30/R for not only being the cheapest board but also for being the most feature packed with 6-Channel audio and on-board RAID. The best board design would also have to be the AB30/R with virtually no design flaws.


Sweclockers: "Conclusion: 4 out of 5"

Sweclockers (Sweden)
21. Nov. 2001

Conclusion: 4 out of 5
The board is stable and performs very well under Windows XP. The overclocking capabilities are great with adjustments for both FSB and multiplier aswell as voltage for the processor. We managed to run a 1800Mhz Pentium 4 processor 100% stable in 2140, 340 Mhz above spec without adjusting the voltage to the processor. (...) We do like manufacturers that send something extra with the board, in this case extra USB ports. The cd with drivers etc is all that you need (...)


Extreme "Speedy Performance.."

Extreme Tech
25. Sept. 2001
Speedy Performance, IDE RAID controller (AB30R), 6-channel audio

It was hard to believe that an SDRAM system could score so well.
Rating: 8/10


Virtual Zone

Virtual Zone
11. Oct. 2001
  • CMedia 6 Channels Hardware Sound
  • Allow DRAM timings tweaking
  • Tested Overclockability up to 145MHz


Club Overclocker: "...this is a very good intro board..."

Club Overclocker
8. Oct. 2001
I'm extremely pleased to have the option of buying a P4 with something other than RAMBUS. (...) The AB30-R could be a very good intro level board. (...) the SDRAM performed very well on this board. But it can't compete with DDR or RDRAM. The sound is the best on-board sound I've heard. (...) If you want the best on-board audio, this is the board for you. Now, for the price, this is a very good intro board and you can't complain about what you get for the money.


T-Break: "...pretty good motherboard..."
8. Oct. 2001
Overall experience of reviewer: The AB30R is a pretty good motherboard and we have no problems recommending it if you're planning on going down the P4/SDR road. (...)

Jumperless design ... the capacitor-free are around the heatsink holder... BIOS is very tweakable ... include RAID (AB30R, only) ... 5.1 Audio which is great ... performed reasonable with overclocking ... Performance: The board did pretty well with Sandra and Gaming benchmarks ... Stability/Compatabilty: Absolutely no problems as far as compatibility and stability goes. The board performed rock solid under standard as well as overclocked conditions. ... Price/Packaging: xcellent pricing and packaging make the AB30R stand out amongst the rest of the motherboards. We liked the two additional USB cables ...
3. Dec. 2001
Outstanding design
Great stability
Onboard Raid
Onboard 6 channel, high quality sound
Great expansion possibilities
Plenty of room around the CPU
Great build quality


Tech Report

The Tech Report (website)
10. Dec. 2001
(...) I can commend Shuttle for putting out a quality motherboard loaded with useful features and functionality.


PC Welt: "5 von 5 Punkten"

PC Welt
Ausgabe 3/2002 bzw. 4/2002 S. 262
3. Dez. 2001
Testurteil: Zuverlässig und günstig!
5 von 5 Punkten

Die Shuttle Spacewalker AB30R erwies sich in unseren Tests als zuverlässig. Außerdem ist sie relativ günstig.

Platz 4 bei Sockel478-Mainboards
Sehr gute Ausstattung: Note 1,1

Full rating: 5 out of 5.
reliable and low price

Conclusion: The Shuttle/Spacewalker is proved to be reliable/stable in our tests. It is also pretty affordable. The equippment is very good.


WCM Austria

WCM - Computerzeitung für ganz Österreich
Ausgabe 156, Oktober 2001, Seite 45
Fazit: Wer eine zuverlässige Platine mit i845-Chipsatz und gutem onboard Sound sucht, wird mit dem Spacewalker AB30R sehr zufrieden sein.
  • Gutes Design
  • Stabil
  • Gute Performance (im oberen Drittel)
  • Vollwertiger PCI-Audiochip mit 6 Soundkanälen (Bracket vorhanden)
  • optionaler Raid-Controller
  • umfangreiche Einstell- Möglichkeiten im BIOS

Conclusion: the Spacewalker AB30R is a reliable board with i845-chipset and good onboard sound.



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