Parallel port adaptor

PC8 is a special parallel port adaptor for your XPC. Connected your XPC with printer device physically without any virtual blocks!


  • Printer Cable
  • D-Sub 25 Pin Female Solder Type
  • Feature Poles: 2-20 (Single row), 4-40 (Double row)
  • Voltage rating: AC. DC 250V
  • Current rating: AC. DC 2A
  • Withstand voltage: AC 650V/min
  • Temperature range: -25C ~ 85C

Compatibility list: G/G2/G5/G6-series, K48, SB86i, ST61G4, ST62K, SS51GV2, SS31T, SS21T, SS56L, SG45H7, SP45H7, SN78SH7; except SD11G5, SS51G

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