High-performance platform for two PCI-Express Graphics Cards
Do you always want more than everyone else? Then choose this Mini-PC for professional Multi-Monitoring for up to four screens or as a high-end games PC with two PCI-E 2.0 Crossfire linked graphics cards. Meet every performance wish with Intel's pioneering Core 2 Processors or up to 8 GB DDR2 memories. Hold all your data on up to three hard disks and enjoy your Mini-PC to the full. The effective 450 watt power supply speaks a clear language. As a guarantor for the best sound the SX38P2 delivers Pro 8-Channel HD-Audio with Dolby Digital Live! and DTS Connect. For more security this Mini-PC-Barebone has an integrated fingerprint scanner. The I.C.E. Cooling System with the additional OASIS Module consistently ensures the optimum cooling of the entire PC System.
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