2019-02-05 | 1.3-litre Mini-PC for Intel Hexa-Core processors of the 8th generation

Elmshorn, Germany, 2018-02-05 – The 1.3-litre PCs of the XPC slim model series are getting a facelift – the DH370 sports a new chassis design which accommodates Intel processors of the 8th generation for socket LGA1151v2

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2018-12-13 | Entry-level Mini-PC in a cube format for Intel processors of the 8th and 9th generation

Elmshorn, Germany, 2018-12-13 - The successful XPC cubes model series gets a boost: With the new SH310R4, the 8th and 9th generation of the Intel Core processors is now also available in Shuttle’s entry-level range makin

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2018-10-26 | Flexible 3-litre PCs for current 8th generation Intel processors generation

Elmshorn, Germany, 26 October 2018 – Two new Mini-PCs close one of the last small gaps in Shuttle's XPC slim series, which especially in the 3-litre format did not offer support for socketed 8th generation Intel Core pro

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2018-08-20 | Compact 11.6" all-in-one PC with multi-touch display

Elmshorn, Germany, 20/08/18 – All-in-one PCs with a touchscreen are clever: They take up a minimum of space, avoid cable clutter, are quick to set up and, as a result, are comparatively mobile. The 15.6" fanless “X50” mo

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2018-08-02 | 1.3-litre PC for 8th-gen Intel Core processors

Elmshorn, Germany, 2018-08-02 – Following the launch of the first XPC cube for Intel’s latest processor generation, now the product family of XPC slim Mini-PCs in a 1.3-litre format welcomes a new member.

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2018-07-12 | Shuttle presents first XPC cube for the 8th generation of Intel Core processors

Elmshorn, Germany, 2018-07-12 – the XPC cubes are the first models in the Shuttle range to benefit from the generation leap forward to Intel's latest processor models with a 14nm architecture (Coffee Lake). The SH370R6,

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2018-07-06 | Compact fanless PC with option for 4G data transmission

Elmshorn, Germany, 2018-07-06 – There is already a long and successful tradition of fanless Mini-PCs at Shuttle. The XPC Barebone DL10J picks up on this and presents itself as a silent, energy-saving PC with a modern pro

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2018-06-26 | 1.3-litre PC with 4x HDMI 2.0 thanks to integrated NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card

Elmshorn, Germany, 2018-06-26 - Shuttle’s product family of 1.3-litre PCs has a powerful new addition. As the first model in this format, the DH02U no longer relies solely on the graphics performance which is determined

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2018-01-09 | 3-litre PC with space for four 2.5" drives

Elmshorn, Germany, 09/01/2018 – 3-litre PCs are among the most flexible models in the wide array of space-saving computers. They can be equipped with powerful desktop processors and lots of memory while offering convenie

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2017-12-13 | The strikingly different Mini-PC: SZ270R9 with LED front panel

Elmshorn, Germany, 2017-12-13 – dare to be different, don't just follow the usual structured shapes and please, not just any dull look. The XPC cube SZ270R9 that is presented here is sure to leave a long-lasting impressi

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