XVB01 gives your XPC nano NC01 model the boost in graphics performance


Bigger graphics performance is coming to Shuttle’s smallest ever Mini PCs. The XVB01 expansion kit brings an integrated AMD Radeon R7 M370 graphics processor with 28 nm technology and DirectX 12 support. The graphics chip, which boasts a whopping 2 GB of memory, ensures enhanced 3D performance in particularly multimedia applications and gaming.

Installation takes only a few steps and involves stacking the respective NC01 model and the XVB01 before securing the latter with two screws. PCI Express x4 is used as the interface.

The XVB01 uses the existing HDMI and Mini DisplayPort video outputs and the respective NC01 device as its power source. 4K video playback at 60Hz is possible via the Mini DisplayPort, provided that a NC01U3 or above is used.

Any current XPC nano Barebones NC01U, NC01U3, NC01U5 and NC01U7 as well as all Shuttle complete systems based on the afore mentioned barebone platforms, with BIOS version V1.09 or above installed, are supported.

The XVB01 works with all current Windows operating systems (7, 8.1 and 10).

The Shuttle XPC nano Accessory XVB01 is available from specialist retailers Europe-wide as of now. Shuttle's recommended retail price is EUR 150 ex VAT.

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