VGA expansion kit for DS81, XH81 and XH81V


The vast majority of modern displays are fitted with HDMI, DVI or DisplayPort that use digital signal transmission for ultra-high resolution visualisation and optimal video and audio quality. Some of our models therefore have no analog monitor connectors. With the PVG01 VGA adapter for the Shuttle Barebone DS81 we now offer a solution that still allows the analog video signal to be used.

The VGA port with a 15-pin Mini D-Sub connector continues to play an important role in the retail sector, manufacturing industry and in fixed installations, e.g. video projectors. The PVG01 is a 160 mm internal adapter cable that replaces one of the RS-232/COM connectorss at the back of the DS81 and plugs into the motherboard at the other end. This means that the DS81 has a total of four monitor ports (1x HDMI, 2x DisplayPort, 1x VGA), of which two can be used simultaneously and independently of each other.

The PVG01 accessory is available now at a price of 8 (RRP ex VAT).

Update: PVG01 is supported by XH81 and XH81V too now.

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