The strikingly different Mini-PC: SZ270R9 with LED front panel


Elmshorn, Germany, 2017-12-13 dare to be different, don't just follow the usual structured shapes and please, not just any dull look. The XPC cube SZ270R9 that is presented here is sure to leave a long-lasting impression. This Mini-PC clearly finds it hard to keep a low profile. It is colourful, bright and appeals to gamers and hardware enthusiasts who, rather than wanting to blend into the background, prefer the limelight.

- RGB LEDs and CPU multiplier can be configured with software
- Space for six drives (4x HDD/SSD, 2x NVMe)

Technically identical on the inside to the SZ270R8, which was introduced in the last quarter, the SZ270R9 not only has visual differences that are instantly apparent. It has an RGB LED front panel, which can be controlled via BIOS and management software. It can be infinitely adjusted to meet individual tastes. Colours, effects and the brightness level can be modified and defined for the two operating modes of the Mini-PC.

On the top edge of the front panel sits the "Turbo" button. This can be configured by software so that when the button is pushed, overclocking starts right at the touch of your finger. The multiplier of Intel K-series processors then changes for the extra boost of performance.

"The stylised, illuminated X also confidently demonstrates the enormous system power outside the chassis," says Tom Seiffert, Head of Marketing & PR at Shuttle Computer Handels GmbH. "It quickly becomes apparent that the SZ270R9 is a real winner."

The SZ270R9 relies on the tried-and-tested Intel Z270 chipset and therefore provides support for many current Intel processors for socket LGA1151 and 64 GB of DDR4 memory. It has one PCI Express x16 3.0 slot and one which is PCI Express x4 3.0. For further expansion, there are three M.2 slots, which can accommodate WLAN modules, NVMe drives or Optane SSDs, for example.

As with the models featuring the R8 design, the new R9 design also provides room for four 3.5" hard disks. Thanks to RAID support, the drives can be switched to mode 0, 1, 5 or 10.

The network connections are also present in redundant form on the back, because this Mini-PC boasts 2x Gigabit Ethernet.

Its 500 Watt power supply unit, which is even able to drive a top-spec SZ270R9 with an Intel Core i7 processor and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card, has 80 PLUS Silver certification indicating a high level of efficiency.

A short film about the product shows 360 views of the device and sheds light on key details: https://youtu.be/zbt8dkKZx30.

Accessories that are optionally available include a 2.5" HDD/SSD drive holder (PHD3), serial interface (H-RS232) and WLAN/Bluetooth module (WLN-M).

The recommended retail price from Shuttle for the SZ270R9 is EUR 375.00 (ex VAT). This model is available from specialist retailers Europe-wide upon publication of this press release.

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