Shuttle Mini-PCs now available with support for Intel Core processors of the 9th generation


Since the beginning of quarter 4/2018, the 9th generation of Intel Core processors has been available from specialist stockists. The “Refresh” of the processors, which are referred to by the code name "Coffee Lake”, is now also happening at Shuttle. For consumers, the 9th generation means primarily higher performance thanks to more cores and threads as well as extra graphics power. The top Core i9-9900K model is the first to have a turbo frequency of 5 GHz. As the heat spreader is soldered to the processor die (STIM), the transfer of heat is likewise better.

Overview of the new processors
- Intel Core i9-9900K (eight cores/16 threads)
- Intel Core i7-9700K (eight cores/eight threads)
- Intel Core i5-9600K (six cores/six threads)
All of the models listed have a TDP of 95 Watt.

The latest Shuttle XPC Barebones with a 300-series chipset are yet compatible out-of-the-box or just need a BIOS update. Intel is also planning on releasing processor models with a TDP of 65 Watt which will then also be suitable for Shuttle’s 3-litre and 1.3-litre PCs.

The following Mini-PCs currently support the latest Intel Core processors
- XPC cube SH310R4, from BIOS version .102
- XPC cube SH370R6, from BIOS version .105 (update required)
- XPC cube SH370R6 Plus, from BIOS version .105 (update required)

Further models are being prepared, depending on the available processors.


You can find more detailed information about compatibility in the following lists: global.shuttle.com/support/supportList

The BIOS updates are available for the respective XPC model at the following link: global.shuttle.com/support/download

Unsure how to perform a BIOS update? Our FAQ article is here to help:: https://faq.shuttle.eu/faq:hardware:bios

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